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Hi All,

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that Al has his first follow up appt. on Tuesday with his surgeon. He will be getting all of the staples taken out and his drainage tube, I am not
sure about the feeding tube yet I think he may have that in a while longer I'm not real sure.

I know I don't need to ask but some extra prayers would be greatly appreciated. Things have been going so well that I really don't want any surprises.

Again I have to thank everyone for your support for the last 6 mos. You all have truely been a God Send!

I will be taking my BGPs and Shoes just in case, and some day I hope to be getting my diploma.

Thanks to all,
God Bless,

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Kath & AL--Congrats on doing so well so far! Keep up the good work!

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I'm glad everything is going so well. I hope and pray that my hubby's upcoming surgery will go that way too.
Extra prayers are being sent up for you all!


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Betty in Vegas
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We are going tues for a swallow test and to hear on the pathology. I think there was a bit of a surprise in it by how everyone asks when I ask about it. I'm praying it is not as something that will be news we cannot handle. Right now, I'm just barely holding onto my breakfast most mornings.

So we too, would appreciate prayers. And we appreciate all we have received so far.

I cannot get over how well Al did...Truly something for us all to live up to huh? And you did amazingly well. I think that every couple so far has outdone the couple before nearly...and that is a good legacy. It is because every couple to go has one more couple behind them to support them and give them hints and helps! That is an awesome thing.


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Hi Betty,

You will be fine if Layne hasn't had a swollowing test since his surgery it's just to make sure that there are no leaks in his pipes!! After what you have been through this should be
a walk in the park.

I pray that all goes well and that you get good pathology reports!!!

I am sure that part of the reason that Al is doing so well is that the more we talk and compare note and learn from each other the more knowledge we have to pass on to the next person!!

I know that we are not completely out of the woods since Al does have some nodes high up in
his chest that will need radiation and maybe some chemo. Heck I've been there and done that! Well not radiation and Dr. Luketich wants Al to see a specific Dr. and have a specific type of treatment so that he will there will be minimal scaring on he new esophagus.

You will get there before you know it, and believe me there will be arguments Al is still on pain meds and it can make him kind of nasty sometime so I just say what ever walk away
and come back 1/2 an hour later ask the same thing and the response in totally different.
Also I think he is getting alittle depressed and as far as I am concerned the best medicine
for that is to do more, either way I win eventually.

Betty you sound like you need a break, some time for yourself I know that Layne wants you with him all the time. You will do him no good if your to tired and worn out.

Again my prayers are with you both and good luck tomarrow

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More prayers coming your way. I'm sure everything will be fine!!! All has been going so well, I just can't imagine you'll get any surprises!!!

Hugs and prayers!!

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First of all we get to the appt and have the chest x-ray, then we go upstairs and they want to do a barium swollow. Thats fine we go back down to radiology and have it done and the tech didn't do all of the views that were ordered and that thought that there was a problem and that they may have to go back in, so we go back down stairs and the radiologist
does the test over again. By this time Al is getting tired and hungry and very sore, we finally go back up stairs and everything is fine except that he has a little stricture and
we are going for a dilation tomarrow. They took out all the staples and the feeding tube
which is great, but they are taking the drain out tomarrow while he is under so he won't
have so much pain.

He does have clearence to increase his diet as tolerated!!!
After tomarrow he will have a resting period and the see the radiation onc. and re-start chemo just to make sure all is clear.

The Dr.s said he is doing great and that he should have no trouble with the follow up treatments.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. I will let you all know how things go tomarrow.

God Bless

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Watch the food intake like beef, hard stuff if he has stricture, it could turn in to what jeff had where he still has a time swallowing until its stretched out enough, boy are you sure they are not related with everything he has went through We now are very careful what we eat, chicken, hamburger, speghetti, soups, eggs are good to start out on, I hope he does well, you are on the road to recovery, and you didn't think you could do it.

Its all because of the BIG GIRL PANTIES, that got you this far, and soon you will be able to retire MOE'S SHOES but for now, you sound like you still need them,

Things will get better just hang in there.


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Betty in Vegas
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I am so glad that all went well! Sounds like he is well on his way to the next chapter...and a cancer free future :)

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