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SCC of the tongue

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11/8/09 at 4:00

Hello to all! My father Tim (a 65 year old non smoker and non drinker) was diagnosed Monday with SCC of the base of the tongue. He is in stage 2 with no spread to the lymph nodes at this time. He is getting his PET scan on Monday and will also have a chest x-ray this week. We really don't know much at this point other than he has cancer and what stage he is in. We are hoping to get an appt with Dr. Teknos at The James in Columbus Ohio. Dr. Teknos specializes in robotic surgery of the head and neck. At this point we are thinking that would be the way to go and then maybe do some radiation after but I don't know for sure. Has anyone been in my dad's position? What should he expect? Is surgery the right option? I have so many questions. Also, does anyone know who is "the best" with this robotic surgery? Anyone have any experience with Dr. Teknos? Also, my dad is such a happy guy and of course hasn't been since he was given this diagnosis. I am really worried about his mental health and my moms as well. It is really hard to be around him now because he is so sad all the time! Will this get better? I hope so because I love my dad and want him to get better soon! Please, if you have any info that you might think is helpful to me or my father let me know! Thank you so much!

Thinking positive!

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My husband was diagnosed with stage2/3 cancer to the base of the tongue with one lymph node involved. The treatment prescribed for him was 35 radiation treatments along with a weekly Erbitux infusion. It's a rough treatment to say the least and the 2-3 weeks post rad is tought too. He is now 5 &1/2 weeks post treatment and doing quite well. Eating soft foods and drinking his food supplement. He will have his food tube pulled this week. Your dad can do this. He has a much smaller area affected than so many. Go forward. He will make it thru this and life will go forward. We are all here for you to answer questions. PK

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what a weekend !! he is so sick..they pumped the chemo thru him like there was no tomorrow...not going to happen the next treatment...they have to go slower...i dont care if it takes 6 hours..this past chemo, we were in and out in 4 hours..thats absurd !!!!

he has not had a bowel movement in 4 days...chemo sores all over his neck, face and scalp..the little peach fuss he has on his head is shedding all over..he is miserable and there is not a damn thing i can do about it !!!

taking the day off tomorrow so i can be here for him..he actually kicked me out the house today..made me go out with a friend so i could get a break...what a love!!

am feeling very melonchaly tonight..dont know if spelled that right but in the grand scheme of things, i dont think it matters

any way..having a rough time...geez..cancer really sucks...BIG TIME !!!!!!!

personal email is kahluakween@optonline.net (used to be a bartender) anytime you want to contact personally would be great


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hang in there baby...it will get worse before it gets better but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and its a good light...think positive and know we are here for you..this place is amazing and the support you will have will help you get thru just like it is helping me..my husband is stage 2/3 and its not going to be easy to watch but everyone here has either been thru or is going thru it..we are here anytime


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