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CryoStim Cancer Treatment/Vaccine

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I happened on this article and had not heard anything about it. It sounds very promising and was wondering if anybody had heard anything about this. I had a liver resection last year and just found out I have had a recurrence in the liver. So back on treatment I go to prepare for another liver resection in January sometime. I'm going to print this information and ask my onc about it and what she thinks. This cancer really is a beast.

http://www.bioresearchonline.com/articl ... e=nl:25105

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Thanks for posting the article. I just looked it up on clinicaltrials.gov. It does look interesting, but pretty time consuming in terms of preparing the vaccine, etc. I'm looking for a clinical trial and had passed this one up because I'm worried about the fast paced progression of my lung mets.

Please let us know what your onc thinks.

Together in hope,

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HI, I looked into a clinical trial having to do with creating a vaccine out of your own tumor cells and then putting them back into your body with chemo in the hopes that your body will recognize a bad substance and start to fight the cancer cells. I went to my Onc and he said there has been a lot of trials out there similar to this but with little success so far. He wasn't against it just telling me the facts.

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