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Emotional Help

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I was diagnosed with endo cancer at the age of 28. I was told after my complete hyst. that there was no treatment necessary. The cancer was only staged at 1B and hadn't made it through the lining of the uterus. I have gone faithfully to my ob/gyn since this time. Every 3 months then 6 months. Every time holding my breath until I found that my pap came back normal. In Feb. my pap came back abnormal. After doing a biopsy they did not find anything and went ahead and did a cold knife cone to get as much of the cervix out as possible. Then cauterized my vagina. I was to go back in 6 months. In August during my "routine" exam the pap came back abnormal again. So my ob/gyn sent me to a gyn/oncologist. Who has also found nothing and is going to see me again soon. The visit to the oncologist was VERY scary, I saw women who obviously have gyno cancers and it was awful that the doctors think that I may belong with them. Even though they had pleasant looks on their faces, I couldn't help but wonder what I was doing there and how do they go on.

I have never really thought of someone who needed help. I can't seem to know what I am supposed to feel. I get sad, because I'm scared, because I don't know when the doctor will call again with bad news and I'm scared because I expect the doctor to call me and give me more bad news.

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Hi Kate:

First of all. Hang in there. However, I agree with Patricia. Your condition seems vague and you should be asking a lot of questions.

I had a total hysterectomy in 2005. After my hysterectomy is when they found the endo cancer. After a staging surgery, they didn't find anything. However, I did decide to do preventative treatment which involved chemo and three doses of HDR Brachys. I do get PAP smears regularly. I asked why and they said to check for cells. There are many reasons for abnormal PAPS. Here is one that I found out about. If you use KY jelly or something like it within 48 hours before having a PAP smear, sometimes the results come back atypical.

Have you had any CT Scans? PET Scans?

I know it seems very scary. But you can't live in fear. You are allowed to ask questions, ask why or why not they are treating you, etc.

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Visiting an oncologist's office if very scary for anyone. You have every right to feel afraid. Just as others have suggested, I also recommend that you become as informed as you can be and ask lots of questions, get second opinions, take good care of yourslef physically and mentally, and make the best treatment decisions for you.

Blessings and peace to you and all. Mary Ann

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Hi Kate. It's always hard waiting for reports. A few things that might help you. Ask for a copy of your pathology reports. If you don't understand them ask the Doctors to explain them to you. Remember these reports belong to you and you have every right to have a copy of each report and have it explained to you. Write down questions as you think of them and bring your book of questions with you. Write things down they tell you. Have someone with you to verify what the Doctor says; it's easy to be so anxious you don't get things quite straight.

I had breast cancer ten years ago. When I found out I had uterine cancer and had to have chemo we were sent back to the chemo room for orientation. At first a wave of sickness came over me as I looked at everyone sitting in chairs getting chemo. I couldn't believe I had to do it again. But strange things happen. I began to feel a closeness to those having chemo with me and I actually looked forward to being with those women and talking with them. I felt like they understood what I was going through more than anyone else. It became a supportive family for me. Sometimes we had fun. I still don't mind getting my port irrigated monthly because I get to see some of the people I miss. They are so special and give me so much.

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