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just diagnosed -- need information

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Endoscopy diagnosis of malignant tumor in abdominal esophagus. CT scan and ultrasound are being scheduled for staging. I need some basic information of where to go from here. Tumor was "soft" which suggests an earlier stage, but will have to wait for all test results. I need suggestions for surgical/onco team in Phila. area.

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Betty in Vegas
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Don't try to find someone NEAR you, find someone who can beat this cancer. Much better idea. Go to a major cancer facility that has a LOT of experience in Esophageal cancer.

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Thanks for taking the time and effort to answer my post. I called Dr. Luketich. I will wait for the results of the CT scan and ultrasound. Also, I will check if less invasive surgery is available closer to home -- I believe Foxchase Cancer and U of P may offer the same options. I beat rectal cancer and now have another fight on my hands.
How are you doing now? Able to eat normally? What should I expect?
Thanks again.

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My husband Al just recently had his surgery done by Dr. Luketich, We live in Pittsburgh so
it was easy for us.

He may also be able to send you to someone closer to home. Dr. L has taught many, many surgeons how to do the MIE.

Hope This Helps

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This a wonderful story and so glad to hear of this evasive surgery procedure is available for new patients. I wish I had know about this before I had my surgery. I am a classic case in which everything that could go wrong, did. I had the surgery, through my belly and back, and and developed an infection at the incision site which took four days to detect. The damage was so severe, I needed another surgery just to deal with the infection. I ended up in the hospital for three months and was flat on my back another five months at home with a "wound vac" on my incision site. I now look like a shark took a bit out of my back. I call it my "deformity". Thank god I survived the cancer, and the surgery!

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My Dr, Is Stephen Yang from John Hopkins.google him he is one of the best in the country and will also pick you a good team.Your primary can get you in to see him.you will not be sorry. Hopkins is a very good hospital and everyone there cares about each pat.I have stage 3-n1 and feel very confidant with my treatment so far. I have chemo every two weeks that takes up most of the day and I also now have a manpurse that gives me chemo 24-7. I go to Rad. m-f.I found out Sept 22nd I had cancer and now in my 3rd week of treatment.I should have surgery the first week of Jan.I have had very few side effects.They give plenty of just in case meds to be taken only if needed.and if you have any questions you just call a number even on weekends and a Doc will call you back in less than 15 mins.I yhave never felt so taken care of in my life and it really helps with the stress knowing they are all there for you.If you would like to talk to someone feel free to call me my cell is 443-716-6613.David High

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My dad is now being seen in Johns Hopkins. Who is your oncologist?? My dad is seeing Dr. Jeurgenson. Right now he's in rest mode. He will have a PET scan on 12/10. He's having some issues with trapped air. He feels like he needs to burp, but nothing is coming out. He feels bloated too. Anyway, I'd like to hear more about your Hopkins experience and who your oncologist is.


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