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Reversal on Monday

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Well the day is finally approaching and I am going to have my ileostomy reversal on Monday. Doctor said I should be there about 4 days. I am nervous and yet excited. Really who wants to go through another surgery. Not me, but this is the end of this part of it. The doctor said everything looked good when he did my scope 2 weeks ago and seemed excited that this was finally going to happen. I need all your prayers and good vibes that all goes well surgery wise and bowel wise after. I'm planning on taking my computer to the hospital with me so I will try to keep you updated. Christmas decorations almost put up and done. Only about 4 more hours and it will be completed. I wanted to come home to my Christmas tree fully decorated. My tree of Hope.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Hugs! Kim

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Seems like just yesterday that you were starting the regimen also...time flies doesn't it.and for that period in life it didn't fly by fast enough but its almost over now...Good Luck and prayers on the way for ya...You'll be fine girl...Love ya, Buzzard

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Wishing you a successful operation and a speedy recovery so you can light up your Christmas tree with your smile....Steve

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Hoping all goes well with the reversal surgery, and everything after that as well.



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I hope everything goes well,and you return home quickly,I will be praying for you.

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So glad about you getting your reversal. I was so happy to get mine done. Had the usual after surgery pain, and getting used to going regular and some pain and few complications that took a while to straighten out, but very glad now, and hope all goes very well for you.

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will continue to be in my prayers

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I hope your surgery goes well. This is a big milestone!

Rob; in Vancouver

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hoping it all goes well Kim..

sending best wishes .....good idea getting the tree up. That will be such a treat when you get home.


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That is just the cutest little boat! I want one with my name on it!

Rob; in Vancouver

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You're almost over the fight. I fight you have won. We're all so happy for you

Life is fummy sometimes


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Hi Kim,

Wow- you're amazing- Christmas decs and tree up already?! I know, of course, you're doing it now because you'll be out of commision for a while after surgery... but, still- I'm impressed!
I will most definitely keep you in prayer for the surgery, recovery, and proper bowel function and healing afterwards. I'm glad you're excited- don't let anyone else's bad experiences worry you much- everyone is different and it sounds like your Dr. has given the green light and is thinking this will be a good thing for you.
Take care!!!


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How sweet it is to have it taken down, I know it's scary, never been through, I have temp colostomy I could take down, but don't know if I want it, it's too convenient now LOL..and dont' want another surgery either. I like nagging nellie lol...

I also got my Christmas stuff out, nah, we're not rushing it, are we?? I just love the lights.

Good luck on speedy and healthy recovery, I'm sure you'll do just fine, and just get back here as soon as you can to let us know how you're doing! Big Hugs to you!


Fight for my love
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Hi dear Kim,you are in my prayers for sure.Best luck to you with the reversal surgery.I am sure everything will be fine.Take care.Hugsss.

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You won't need luck because God is on your side and He's all you need. My grandmother had a reversal when she was in her 90's and she was fine afterward - died at 99. You don't seem that old so you'll do just fine. I'll send loving vibes your way on your surgery day.


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Well, Kim

Let me get in line here for this wonderful news for you :)

When I joined you were just getting started with your chemo and all worried about that - and look at you now - looks like you are going to be a winner if I were a betting man.

It's amazing how far you have come and nothing can stand in your way now.

Christmas sounds like its coming "early" for you, but you will have your hands full and that will be nice for you to enjoy, so definitely enjoy that.

I wish you the best recovery with minimal pain and discomfort and will of course be waiting to hear how it all went down.

Love ya' lots, your friend

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You're so close to being ready to move on to the rest of your life! I'll be praying for you on Monday that everything goes smoothly and you heal quickly.

You got your Christmas decorations out already!? Maybe I'll do the same - it's impossible not to be cheerful with them up, isn't it!?


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Congratulations Kim that is great. I'll be praying for you.

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Best wishes for an easy reversal next week. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

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How exciting, I was so excited to have mine done, you will do fine..I have already forgotten about that part of my recovery, now I just have the scar to remind me.. wishes for a speedy recovery. Petrina

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