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2010 Colondar - A Must See!

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Our friends at the Colon Club are at it again with the 2010 Colondar. This from their website...

"The 2010 Colondar is another stunning take on fourteen colorectal cancer survivors all diagnosed under the stereotypical age of 50. As with every Colondar, the featured survivors proudly show off their surgical scars and share a snippet of their extraordinary personal stories, proving that this is a disease that can happen to anyone, at any age."


Or hey! go straight to the cute monthly models, men and women, here...


I don't recognize any of the models from our little group. Maybe next year! How about you Brooks? Jeff? I would audition myself but I'm over 50! Old farts need not apply! How about you Donna! You would look great on the colondar! :) :) :)

Rob; in Vancouver

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You should apply. You would be a shoe-in. Marie

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My survivor friend, Jodi, (age 32) has been accepted for 2011. :o) I'm going to apply on my 30th NED anniversary. I'll be 88 .........

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Joined: May 2007

We'll look for Jodi in 2011! Good for her.

LOL... Rob; in Vancouver

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You are gorgeous.....your pics are awesome...i am thinking......

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Hahahaha. You are so funny Diane thanks for the chuckle I needed that today. Hugs

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For some reason I thought this was people that had ostomys, guess I was wrong.


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I think it was 2002 colondar....he is so buff in his pic!!!!!

Hey, I was 49 at dx...just because I'm now over the age limit at 54...lol...think they'd take me?....ROFL!

Hugs, Kathi

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...all those on the colondars! they have such inspirational stories, I wouldn't mind showing my bag and long *** incision, LOL..it may gross some out, but they're a part of me now, I couldn't imagine life with without my battle scars now lol...but wow, I hate posing for pics lol...


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Besides the fact that most of the models are under 40 (even though they say the limit is 50), my surgeon did such a fantastic job, that you can't hardly see my incision anymore, just two months later! So I don't know if they'd even want me if I applied.

But my chest is a mess. I have a big dip where the infected port came out, and the area is still bruised and discolored. And I'm still bruised and a little swollen with the incision showing well for the new port. I think I'm going to show more permanent damage there than my abdomen.

I do admire all of those models for helping get the word out - especially about colon cancer before age 50.

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I got an application and started filling it out. I haven't sent it in yet, but I'm considering it! :-)


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... If you do it, then I will! You'd be fantastic!


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