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Nasopharynx cancer, draining out of residual after radiation therapy

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after a series of radiations, my problem is the residual inside my head cannot be drained out.. can somebody please advice me how to do.. i already undergone an operation drilling on the left air. but still there are residuals inside which results to infections. i have been taking ciprobay for almost 3 months now as per doctors advice to stop the infections.. thanks a lot.. any advice will be appreciated

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I too have NPC and did radiation twice once in 2003 & in 2004 when it came back, but did not have any problems with drainage. I did have a lot of infections in the Nasal passage and was having to take a lot of antibiotic for it. Check and see is any of the medication you are taking could be causing the infection, I found that after I stopped taking one of the medicines that my infections went away. As soon as I started the medication again the infections came back, I ask the doctor about it and he told me that the medication had nothing to do with my infection. I have not taking the stuff in 3 years and have not had anymore problems with infections. Just something you might want to investigate.

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