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Husbands PET

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Yesterday my husband got the results from his PET scan. Overall things looked pretty good. The lymph nodes and tumor at the esophagus have all shrunk considerably. He just finished his 6th round of chemo on Oct 5th (Epirubicin, Oxaliplatin and Xeloda every 3 wks). He has been feeling pretty good the past few days. The chemo hit him pretty hard after his 4th round (hiccups, fatigue, depression, loss of taste and appetite, chapping hands and sensetivity to cold). The doctor didn't see any benefit from continuing with this treatment, he said it's done all it can do at this point. His scan did show a spot on his lung but it was too small to light up. He has fluid in his abdomen but not enough to take a sample. Areas in his bones lit up on the scan but the doctor said it could be just bone marrow activity and he would most likely have pain in the bones he had bone metastisis. He doesn't want him on chemo for the next month, then he will retest. He didn't see anything of immediate concern on the scan. My husband is thrilled to be off chemo for a whole month. We pray for the doctor's wisdom to lead us in the right direction. It is very probable the cancer will show up somewhere else eventually, but if, when and where we obviously don't know. We are just praying for God to help us remember to enjoy today. Today he feels good, today is family game night, today we are together.

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You are definitely looking at your situtation in the best of light. You are absolutely correct, today YOU ARE TOGETHER! My first round of chemo last year, I was on the same regimen as your husband There were no visible tumors or lymph nodes left with cancer after the surgery, so my chemo was in sense "mop up chemo." Well, the chemo apparently didn't work, because at my three month scan my abdominal cavity was full of fluid...got it drained and tested, positive for cancer, so here we go again. Enjoy each and every moment you have together and always remember, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."


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If the Dr's feel there isn't any benefit in continuing the chemo at this time then it's time for him to rest,rest and rest and see what happens. They may want to re-start in the future. He will start to feel alot better in a few weeks it took my husband about 3 weeks
before he started to feel like himself again.

You never know what the future holds. Never give up HOPE
God Bless


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My dad is also in the resting mode. He will have his PET scan in Dec. Just rest and let him eat and gain his strength. There is other chemos they can try. Don't give up hope. Enjoy the holidays and continue to pray!!


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