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Cold.... So cold answer

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I talked to my dr on Monday about getting "so Cold" that I just shake. He thinks it's just my body reacting to the Oxy (Chemo). Wants me to check temp before hot bath then again a 1/2 hour after the hot bath and start a log for him. But he thinks it's my body fighting to get well. Kinda of like when you have the flu. He says that not everybody will react the same way to the Chemo but has heard of others with "so cold" affect. Says that if it gets worse as we go on to let him know.


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the FLOFOX regime during the winter months and I had to wear heavy clothes to stay warm, socks and slippers, gloves, scarfs over face / nose when "running" to the car or going in and out of work, etc.,

Drank room temp beverages and ate room, warm or hot foods. Even micorwaved fruits. Wore gloves to get things out of the frig and even grocery shopping in the diary and frozen section.

At work I sat next to a window that had a draft and my wrists would lock up when typing due to the cold. Had to wear gloves sometimes.

I started keeping the temperature log at the beginning of treatment. Each morning after getting out of bed, I would take my temp and right it down in the log book. I was told to call my Onc office if it got to 101 or 102. Mine never did.

Do what you need to stay warm; extra clothing, socks, slippers, gloves, hats, scarfs, etc.,

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I kept a log everyday through my chemo treatments. My temperature always ran about 97.7 and very seldom higher (only during chemo infusion would it go up higher). I'm cold by nature, but like I told you previously, I was so cold during chemo treatments and that was in the summer. I do hope you get some relief because it is hard to warm your inner body up.


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UGH UGH UGH I had the same problem...It was like my bones were cold and just made me shiver..I was always under a blanket with slippers and a sweatshirt on and that was just inside lol lol
I live in upstate New York and had to go through the winter..Ugh again
Just to go outside I wore 3 pairs of socks,winter boots,long johns a big heavy coat,gloves a scarf to cover my nose and mouth..(use that at all times otherwise your throat feels like it closes up)plus a hat..It was CRAZY..I have a cloth bag filled with corn kernels which you heat up in the microwave and use as a heating pad..I used that alot..That really helped and I took alot of hot showers..(Just make sure your bathroom is warm cause when you get out you will start shivering again)(warm your towels in the dryer just before you get out of the shower)
Also when you reach into fridge and freezer wear winter gloves cause it will hurt.Good luck.....JULIE

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