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Wait to hear it from the horses mouth...

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So, never take the word of a pain managment doctor over that of your oncologist. I won't do a "he said, she said" thing but I thought things were stable. He did say there was some growth on the one but his idea of what's a problem and her (onc) idea is different. She's the boss lady. So I am starting TODAY with the double chemo again every other week (CPT11 and Erbitux) and I will set up an appointment with the surgeon to do the RFA on it (Radio Frequency Ablation) which last time was only an overnight stay where they stick it with a needle into it and fry it. The double adds the CPT11 to the mix and that causes bad cramping, real bad after a while. I will likely have the RFA in the next few weeks then do the double chemo until further notice.
At least I had a good 10 months with only the one chemo. It could be better news but it certainly could be a lot worse.
No creampuffs yet!

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You are a true warrior, Phil....I'm sorry you have to go thru so much...

Hugs, Kathi

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Phil, I'm sorry to hear this news...slight setback. But you're right, it could be worse! I'm glad you and your doctors have a plan of attack and I'm pulling for you. You inspire so many. I've had the past month off with no chemo and it feels sooo good, so I'm sure you've had a great 10 months. Now back to the grind for both of us. Positive thoughts coming at you!


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Glad she has a plan. I'm still praying for you, my friend! I want to dance at your 90th birthday party.


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could not be better, but you as you stated it could have been worse. I am sending good vibes, mojo and prayers your way.

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Hi Phil,

Sorry to hear it- I'm thinking about you today getting that CPT-11. Emend was finally the only thing that kept the nausea away. Get something for that & lomotil for the cramping/diahrrea if that becomes a problem for you.
As someone already said, you're quite the warrior- you can do this because you must-
stay strong!!


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Phil, I am so sorry to hear this!

RFA... Yup... fry the little sucker out of there! I hope thay can do it without open surgery again.

Your Onc sounds like she is right on it. Starting today!

Thinking of you... Rob; in Vancouver

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Yes.... a slight setback....... nothing you can't handle. Keep the faith as always.... we win IT don't...


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Just a hump in the road But i am sure things will improve they have too ,

take care you are in my thoughts


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So sorry about the news. Hoping that this new treatment will take care of that. Good luck in this new step.


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Hang in there Phil. Lots of love coming your way.

all the best, Leslie

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I was hoping for creampuffs! Sorry to hear about the recurrence. I am sending lots of prayers your way. Marie

Fight for my love
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Dear Phil,you are in my prayers for sure.Best luck to you with the CPT11 and Erbitux.

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What a development! I know you've talked about having to get back in the battle again...you sorta saw it coming, but it is always a shock to hear it again.

You and I both had about a 10-month break, and you know I am pulling for you 100% to do what needs to be done.

You're a tough guy so I know you will win this round of the battle...you've done this one before...hang in there, Ol' Timer.


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I absolutely hate the fact that you are having a setback.

I also know that you are strong, intelligent, informed, grounded (and perhaps a bit edgy) and that you have trusted your health to doctors at what is arguably the most prestigious cancer center in the country. You clearly have the intelligence to make critical decisions about your health. That your oncologist would act with such confident decisiveness to put you into stepped-up treatment today is pretty impressive. I know that I appreciate doctors who act with such confidence. My husband's oncologist acts that way and I take great comfort in his knowledge, instincts and courage.

As Lance would say, "unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything."


Julie 44
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Well here you go again..But you are a very strong person and you can and will deal with this just like all the other bullsh** you've dealt with...Boy life just always seems to throw a wrench in whenever it can...
You know that you are in our thoughts and prayers always.....JULIE

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I'm sorry Phil, I hope your CPT 11 isn't too rough. It was easier for me than Folfox 4 but I know this stuff is different for everyone. You are a strong fighter. I see that you have been on site since 2005. I hope I can be as strong I have only been fighting since 2007. You give me courage. Wishing you the best.

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Paula G.
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Sorry for this news Phil. You will kick this in the *** like you have before. You are a worrier and we are all here for you as you have been for us. Good thoughts coming your way. Paula

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Just go kick its ***..........You need anything at all that I can do simply say it....Now get busy with the *** kickin'........Buzzard

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What can ya say.

Well maybe.....&*^%$)!!@+ $#!t!!

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Argh, never any fun to hear that sort of stuff, especially when you were led to believe otherwise. I hope the double chemo & possible RFA go well for you!


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Phil; There are no words when this stuff happens, I am here for you too and I always think about how you are doing. Rest, find peace, gather strength and fight on brother.


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Man... so sorry you have to step it up again but great that there are steps to take. Your onc is tops and she has a plan.... go for it. You're an amazing guy Phil. You mean a lot to all of us. We're with you.


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Man, I'm sorry. I was hoping you'd have great news. We'll be praying for you and sitting here waiting to provide comfort if needed.


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Get that big one fried out and get back to business as usual. It's a lousy break but one you've handled in the past, so I'm sure you'll handle this one as well.

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"...I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!"

Thanks you EVERYONE for the kind words. I can't reply to every post so I will just say a BIG thanks. Buzz, you got it. We've both kicked some *** and you know I'm pulling for you (and everyone)
Lisa 42, you know I have my own way of dealing with the nausea, but thanks ;-)
Craig, I have to catch up with you, I'm glad to see your out of the hospital and made it though it all. You're a tough guy and an inspiration to us all.
Diane (and other) Please keep Pray Away, I need all the positive help I can get. I've never had any problems with people praying for me, I think in the end we all wish each other the best in the ways we know how.

Everyone else, thanks. I'll keep you posted. The CPT11 comes back fast, I feel queasy and slept like crap, of course I can't stay awake during the day!

Man, I feel like I did give an acceptance speech or something!

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Don't be bogartin' the j, hey!

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....sorry I came late to this, since my PC was fried, and just got it back, but Phil, you are always in my prayers, and thoughts, and this lil setback shall pass, you've kicked it before, and you'll do it again, like Buzz said, go kick it's ***!! and like Em said: @#@!@!!


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