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Humidifers--do they help and what's the best kind

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My husband is 7 weeks out of treatment for SCC HN, Occult Primary. He's having such a hard time sleeping at night, such a dry mouth that wakes him constantly. The doctor suggested using a humidifier to get moisture in the air. We bought one at a local drugstore (Vicks brand) but it was so noisy that neither one of us could sleep though it. Before we invest in another one we'd like to know if others have had success using one and what brands are effective -- and quiet!

Other than that he doing really well. Still on PEG tube due to everything tasting horrible but able to swallow without much difficulty and off all pain meds, which really helps his mood, focus and outlook. Hurrah! He's walking daily but that is about the extent of it. Pretty tired all day, I'm sure lack of sleep at night contributes to that too.


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I'm happy to hear that your husband is doing so well. The biggest room in the my house is the den. I placed the humidifier there and let it run all night. No noise in the bedroom and the HVAC spread the moisture around very nicely. With winter coming on and the air drying out you may want to keep it going all the time. Good health to you and yours, Rich

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I find that a warm mist humidifier on low is pretty quiet and effective. You can also "hover" over it for a little extra boost when you are feeling dry.

I find it lessens the itchiness, but the actual dryness while sleeping seems unavoidable to me right now. I do find that the dry mouth sprays (I use one called Oasis) prolong how long I can go, but I wake up several times a night with a bone dry mouth and tongue, and sipping water is the only thing to help.

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I have an Air-o-Swiss 7135 humidifier. It's very quiet and works quite well. There is no filter to replace. The ionic stick is a little expensive but is needed to keep the humidifier clean.

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