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Imrt radiation therapy

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I have recently begun radiation. Don't know what to expect for side effects/results. Anyone willing to share their experiences with radiation? Thanks in advance.

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Right there with you, George. I started IMRT last Thursday so today will be my 5th session. No side effects to speak of yet - just really tired at the end of the day (probably because of all the running around to make up time at work, etc.).

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Posts: 174
Joined: Apr 2009

A friend finished his 37 sessions a few weeks ago... has suffered from diarrhea for several weeks. No other side effects...gets his PSA in another week ,(6) wks.

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Good luck on your treatments! my Dad did the proton radiation back in 1996. He got fatigue, frequent need to urinate and mucus discharge in the bowel. Other wise did OK with it.

He is still living today and had a 13 year PSA of .003.


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