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CA 125 rising

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I finished my 6th and last chemo treatment on 8/4/09. I had the sandwich treatment with 3 chemo and the radiation therapy (both external and internal) and then 3 more chemo.

I had lab on 9/1 and the CA 125 was 18 (normal is below 35). I had lab drawn on 10/20 and the number was 39.9. I had had a colonoscopy earlier that day before the lab was drawn. I was hoping the colonoscopy made the number go up. I had the lab redrawn 10 days later and got the results today. It is 42.2.

I am back in Florida and following up with my gyn/onoc here. I have repeat lab and CT scheduled for 11/12 and see the doctor on 11/19. I am afraid I will need to go back on chemo. I was hoping for a break from treatment for a while. I have stage III-C UPSC. I had no symptoms when I was diagnosed. It certainly is not the news I wanted to hear.

I'll just have to wait and see what the doctor here recommends. In the mean time I am enjoying each day. In peace and caring.

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That is just the worst news I ever expected to hear from you. On the hopeful side, maybe it's in relation to something else. It is just a tiny bit up. I will hope for you every day that your results later in the month wil be going back toward the normal side.

Love, love, love,


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Stay strong and take heart. I am so sorry that you are going through this AGAIN!!!! It stinks.

My prayers are with you. Mary Ann

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Could you please tell me what was ur ca125 before operation and what was lowest one. God bless u

Thanks Kumar

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My pap test showed highly suggestive of adenocarcinoma. So with the pathology during surgery came up with UPSC, it was a shock. The surgeon said the surgery could make the number raise, so he did not do one at that time. My first CA 125 was done before my second chemo. It was 427. Before my third chemo it was 127. It has been as low as 14, and then the cancer center changed labs and it was 18.

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Dear Ro, I will be saying a special prayer for you. I'll be praying that there is another reason for the elevation. You're a strong and amazing lady...



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Ro....I am so sorry that you are going through this stress....and am hoping like everyone else on this site, that there is some OTHER explanation for your elevated C-125. You have been such a trooper....so brave, so supportive of others, and a real inspiration. I am convinced you will win this one too!!


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I wish I could lift your worry from you while you waitfor answers. I have been told over and over that the CA-125 numbers can change for so many reasons that are unrelated to cancer. Perhaps for you the marker number is no longer gives and acurate picture. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!


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& my oncologist told me that it would go up even BEFORE they drew the blood! CA-125 has been a good treatment marker for me, dropping in half each of my 1st three chemos, and down from an original 90 to 11 after my last chemo. After my chemo I had 2 months of radiation (28 external pelvic IMRT & 3 brachys) ending July 1. In August, 5 weeks after my last radiation, I had 'post-radiation' follow-up doctor's visits and they did a CA-125 test. I was warned that the inflamation from the radiation would probably cause my number to rise. And it did, from 11 to 26. The oncologists all seemed satisfied with that and a clean CT-scan, and said "see you in 3 months!" (I'm UPSC Stage III-c, too.)

From the beginning my oncologist said that of all indicators, he values CA-125 the least. He gives physical symptoms the most importance; followed by CT-scans, and puts the least weight on CA-125. He told me flat out that he would never have me start chemotherapy again just based on CA-125 alone.

So please don't dispair over the small increase! A colonoscopy is a major procedure, with anethetic and all! I'll BET that's what is affecting your CA-125's, BOTH of them so soon after that procedure. ((((((Ro))))). Please let us know what else your oncologist says about this. I get my CA-125 tested again November 17, and I know I will still worry, just as you are, if mine goes up again. But I didn't really worry at all the last 3 months, even with my higher CA-125.


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So sorry that your CA 125 seems to be increasing. Has the CA been diagnostic for you all along? My CA 125 was never elevated, so we are doing those few and far between. Please don't panic yet, let your doctor check it out first. Lifting you up in prayer Ro! Hang in there and keep us posted.

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My Gyn Onc told me elevated CA 125 in serous uterine means that it is spreading in the peritoneum. They can do a procedure in which they strip the peritoneum and it grows back healthy tissue. We don't know even if that is what you have but if you do there are options. They do chemo I think too after. But I don't know the details. It is a long surgery but do-able. My gyn is Dr Dedmond in Williamsburg Virginia. Be sure and ask about it.


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I've to date never had a CA-125 taken. When I went for my second opinion,(offitt in Tampa)I asked if that was a problem. I was told by the gyn/onc that this test can be misleading. I'll keep you in my prayers that it's due to another reason.

Susie (Lilly the Clown)

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