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Life's cruel irony

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My former neighbor Viktoria was struck and killed while crossing the street early this morning. She refused a ride home from her intoxicated friend Toli. Toli made it several miles to his home but was stopped and charged with DUI. Viktoria didn't make it to her home, she was run over by a sober driver, no charges are going to be filed. Viktoria was 19, how screwed up is that?

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Thats incredible!!!!Steve

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Life sure can throw curve balls, huh? Dang! I'm sorry to hear about that and at such a young age too.


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Wow! So young! Her family and friends are in my prayers.

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I hate to hear things like this about young people who make smart decisions. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. All of you will remain in my prayers and thoughts.

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Just goes to show ya. You just never know when it your time. Very sad story :o(

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Sure puts things in perspective! We never know when we will called to Our Maker. So sad for that poor girls family.


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It does show that you never know. That could have been any one of us.
We may beat cancer but no one beats death.

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for you and her family.....My prayers go out to you , her , and her family and friends.....and also Toli, we have to remember that he will have a very hard time with this also.......Clift

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I'm sorry for your friend,but you are right,how can a person not be charged for running over someone,and killing them ,sober or not.

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and in NY, unfortunately, it seems not much happens to those who kill w/o valid driving license,DWI,suspended license etc. Its such a shame. When there is not much negative consequence, there is not much to deter.....Steve

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They have to live with it for the rest of their lives. The woman could have just stepped out a little too much while the car went a little to close. Was she walking FACING traffic like you should? That too can make someone more visible. I am NOT trying to put the blame on her at all, it is such a tragedy and I feel very bad for her and her family. Accidents happen, that's why they're called accidents. Any one of us can be driving down a road and have a tire blow out and it can cause us to hit a person. Is that something any one of us would feel we deserve jail time for? It's VERY different than a DUI or DWI. Just a reminder to all, walk facing traffic, ride your bicycle with traffic.
I'm sorry to hear it happened and if it happened to someone I knew I'd be angry/upset too just as if I accidentally killed someone I'd never get over it.

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Wow- your calling it "life's cruel irony" is right. Here, she did the right thing in not driving home with someone who was drunk & that person made it home alive and she didn't. How awful.
Goes to show you that none of us know when, where, or how we're going to die- even with cancer.
Very sad.

tiny one
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It's hard when we lose someone who is older but it's devasting when it's a young person. I was going into town one day to meet the girls for lunch. I was running a little late. There was an accident at around 11:30, it killed a mother and her 4 year old child. The driver had drugs in his system. I drove past that spot at around 11:10. Had I been any later it could've been me in the accident.

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I can only say that God must have wanted her back home. What a very sad tragedy for the family. I'm so sorry.

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I am sorry for this young woman & her family. It helps put things in perspective. This is a true tragedy.

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That's so very sad. Things like that are why I truly believe you have to live each day as if it's your last. You just never know...


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