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recurrent cervical cancer

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I had cervical cancer in 99 and recieved a radical hysterectomy ,was diagnosed with recurrent cervical in 2007 and the tumor was found in the vaginal vault .recieved chemo and radiation .Is there anyone that has had a similiar situation?

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I had a radical hysterectomy too about 20 days ago. A tumor about the size of a grapefruit was in the wall of the cervix. Cancer was left at the tip of the vagina and on the wall of the rectum. Now I am told I must undergo chemo and radiation soon. I have my first visit with the chemo doc. on the 26th and I will see what the plan of action will be. How long after your hysterectomy do you start up the chemo and how long before you start up the radiation? I read online the internal is using a cylindar put inside the vagina and it directs radiation right at the spot. Who has had this done? Tell him about it if possible. I am very nervous about it.

thanks so much for your posts. I'm grateful for all you on here helping us.


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I had a radical hysterectomy in march of this year. Had 5 weeks of radiation/chemotherapy for 5 weeks (started about 4 weeks after surgery) then toke 2 weekso ff and started my 3 internal radiation. I never had a problem with the internal, no side effects or anything. I then had 4 rounds of taxol/carbo. Finished all my treatments at the end of September. Now I am having waht feels like period cramps but Dr cant find out reason. Had a PET scan and it showed 2 small areas in the levic region but he said too small to biopsy so we were going to wait and have another scan in Dec. Just had an MRI for the cramping problem and now Dr wants to see me before Thanksgiving. What kind of treatments can you do if it is cancer since I have alerady done external and internal radiaion? Has anoyone else had cramping and/or the feeling like you have to go to the bathroom (#2) all the time but you really dont and you arent constipated??


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