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need prayers- re-staging for Kim's ) aka (K_ann) dad this & next week.

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hi cyber EC buddies in this most unlikeliest of circumstances.....

I am thinking of all of you---all at different junctures of this process..prayers for all of you!

My dad is going back to Duke for re-staging.

He gets the Ct, PET and scope this week and surgeon consult next week---
I am so inspired by SO many on this site..

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SOmetimes what they don't know won't hurt them, I really feel that you are going to get good news and will be heading for surgery, I don't know why, but just have the gut feeling, for you to live so far away i think you do a SUPER job, in staying in contact with him, I know its hard to help over the phone but know you must do everything you can, Just remember your BIG GIRL PANTIES, for all the decisions, you have to help him make.

If you didn't have us you would be going nuts, so all your cyber friends will definately be praying and if you will wait just a few I am sure William Marshall will be giving you some good advice, as soon as you know something anything please post.

You know If i can help or answer any quesitons, let me know. If you need a extra pair of the BGP let me know so I can have Bill send them through faith federal express.

loves and hugs

Lori aka MOE

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Hi Kim,

I also have a good feeling about you Dad going for re-staging. The Dr's will have a chance
to look and see what has happened since you Dad finished his treatments. They will be able to determine if he needs more treatments or GET READY FOR SURGERY!!!

I'm not sure if you know but after Al was in the hospital for leukopenia his Dr. didn't want to re-start his chemo right away he said lets do a new PET scan and see where we are
and low and behold the tumor had shrunk enough to do surgery!!! Your Dad was able to finish
his treatments so THINK POSITIVE.

Hopefully by now you should know that all you have to do is ask and all the prayers you need will be on there way, and most times you don't even have to ask, We are all here for each other that is what this site is all about.


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And started one for us also thanks


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I am praying for you all!!
My hubby is getting his CT scan this Friday, PET scan next Friday, EUS scope on the 16th and results on the 19th. Sounds like we are going through this at almost the exact same time!
Also, I tried logging in to your caring bridge site but I couldn't get through.
With my thoughts & prayers,

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Hi Kim,

I'll be praying extra for you and your dad!!! I really hope you get the good news!!! Let us know as soon as you hear!!!


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