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HELP! Any suggestion on Formulas for PEG Tube that does not cause Major Diarhea?

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Hi ,
My loving Mom was recently diagnose with Stage 3 Throat Cancer of the Left Vocal Cord. Recent PETScan showed no growth into lymph nodes.
She has been going thru intense Radiation which was at 2xs a day for 5 days and chemo once a week for abut 5 hrs.
Well. she ended up severaly dehydrated, low BP, potassium, magnesium levels way low,.
She has been in the hospital for almost two weeks now.
She had the Feeding Tube put almost two weeks ago. Right now nothing seems to help a whole lot that does not give her diarhhea.
We have tried Ensure, Boost, Carnation and even the Enlive that my dad had found from a friend.
Anyways, my Mom is doing better still getting radiation and chemo.. 3 more treatements of chemo and several more weeks of radiation to go.
We are concernced that she will not get enough nutrition thru the feeding tube and she will end up right back in the hospital.
This has been such a nightmare to see my Mom go thru this and my dad last year at this time had open heart surgery and he has been dealing with the stress of it all.
I live 3 hrs from them in Charlotte, they are in the Wilmington, NC area. FInally seem to have an Oncologist that has my mom on the right track.
IF anyone has any suggestions or experiences they could share I would so appreciate it.
We have been praying and god willing my Mom will come thru this but somedays I just feels so helpless!
Thanks so much,

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I used a product called nutren. I never had a problem with it. The pain meds usually bind one up more than anything, maybe a med adjustment is in order?


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I was given a prescription of Resouce 2.0 but I aggree with bughunter the pain meds usually caused the reverse so I had to use a laxitive most times. I admit there was a balancing act at times because I did use Pepto-Bismal if I was having diarea. Try Gatorade and Pedolite also, even though they are fluids I think it helped me.

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Actually the peg will give your mom the opportunity to get the nutrition. I had a formula that my onc prescribed for me, it came in 300 calories a can and was delivered to my door by UPS. can't remember the name of the company that supplies it, they sant me cases and cases and about 40 syringes. The peg allows you to get the nourishment and the hydration when eating is difficult. I put over 2,000 calories a day through it during the last three weeks of radiation and 2 quarts of water, did not lose any weight while I had the tube, now when they took the tube out, I had trouble eating 2,000 calories and getting the water down me was a major chore until things eased up in the throat. Lost ten pounds fafter the peg was pulled, (it's coming back now as my appetite is good and ensure plus at 350 calories a bottle makes life easier. The peg is a life saver. Denis

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Denis ... did you have Jevity - that's what my husband had it was also delivered directly to us with syringes - the nutritionist at the hospital ordered it for us

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I think that was it, it came from APRIA health. Denis

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HI Amy,
I had a PEG in 2 weeks into RT/Chemo for tonsillar Cancer Late August 2009. The canned stuff you mentioned (Ensure etc) they tried to give me at hospital all made me sick and I eventually found and used a product called 'VitaShake' from Sunrider.

I mix one Sachet of the VitaShake with 220ml Rice milk or Soy milk shake it up and pour into the feeding tube Capsule. Note the VitaShake is only sold at Sunrider Shops or via a 'distributer'. You can find the nearest location on the web and become a member and get the discount or find a distributor. There were 2 flavors, Coco (Chocolate) and Strawberry. I was in HK for my treatment and only got Coco but it kept me alive and is full of all the vital nutrients needed. it is normally a food replacement dieting supplement but if you have 4-6 feeds a day with approx 220ml of the Rice Milk each time, your mum will get her 2000 Calories in.

My Doctors all poo poo ed it at first but they soon changed their attitudes when they saw I stopped losing weight and was relatively healthy just on this one product. You can also add the Acidophillos supplement also by Sunrider which will help with your mum's stomach issues. Just add the small sachet with the Vitashake.

I know this is a direct sales company but the Product is excellent. My brother is a naturopath and he checked it out and gave it big 'thumbs up'. All natural and good ingredients.

I still take 1 or 2 a day but I will remove my tube in 2 weeks as I am eating enough by mouth now. I will continue to do one Shake a day by mouth as it is full of goodies to help the body heal.

Do your google searches and you will find information and sites and contacts where to buy this stuff

Good luck and I hope this info is of help.

Craig in China

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Jevity comes in different caloric counts, such as 1.2 and 1.5 and probably more. Anyway its not a sugar based drink like "carnation" and does not rely on sugar but rather essential nutrients. The others make excellent points too, medication as in pain killers will slow everything down. A liquid diet is not going to give you the stool quality you were used too. Also it could be the actual tube feeding, perhaps try slowing the feeding down. You may also if capable just consider drinking the supplement as long as pain permits. I'm still on jevity and mostly drink it as a supplement to caloric intake for the day, trying to maintain around 2000 calories. You get used to the taste.

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