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getting my EGD tomorrow

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I just wanted to ask for good thoughts and prayers tomorrow, my EGD is scheduled at 1 PM and hopefully the gastro dr will be able to do a stent so I can eat better and swallow a lot better. I was not supposed to lose anymore weight and somehow dropped 4 lbs in 4 days with doing shakes and Ensure?? He also will be looking to see if the tumor has diminished and check the lymph nodes etc. So hopefully, there will be a good outcome to all of this, my first step on the way to surgery. thanks for all the encouragement and support. talk to you all later!!!

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Donna....good thoughts and lots of prayers coming your way. Pray everything works out for you tomorrow.

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I wish you the best, been there done that Jeff has had 4 since being diagnosed in April, 1 before surgery and 3 afterwords, remember your big girl panties, and keep us posted.

Prayers and thoughts

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Hi Donna,

If pray that you can have the stent put in tomarrow and also pray that you get good news!
I know how bad you want to have the stent put in and if they do it will help alot.

If not and they do need to put the feeding tube in it really isn't so bad. This way you will be used to it before you have surgery.

God Bless

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good to see jeff is still ok and doing good just takes time will eventually feel like he s normal tc been thinking about u 2 ur in our prayers. chewbacca

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Hey its been really hectic and have had a hard time signing on to the chat line he is getting there we still have our good days and bad days we are 3 months post op now, we are still having a hard time sleeping still gets refulx, we applied for social security so hopefully we will get it.

thanks for checking on us


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I'm thinking of you and praying for you. Looking forward to hearing how everything went.

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I'm praying for so good news!!!


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After getting my stent, I had some minor pain at stent location. This lasted for a couple of days, and I did eat a steak (small with a baked potato) 2 days after the stent placement.

Since you and I are basically on the same calendar schedule of events, I thought it well to pass my very best to you for this procedure. My weight now fluctuates a few pounds each week. I've been off pre-op chemo and concurrent radiation now for two weeks and s-l-o-w-l-y regaining some strength.

I've had many network issues here on my end and now hope they are in the past. Good luck and fortune.


Mike the Wild Goose

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Hi Mike,
Great to hear from you. As you can see from my latest post, I was not able to get the stent. Hope you get your network problems solved and keep us updated on what is going on with you. Do you know when your surgery is? My tentative date is Dec. 8th. I have a lot of pre surgery testing. The EGD was just the first. Glad you are close to maintaining weight. I have now lost 16 lbs. and trying to force more ensure down. It is just hard. wanted that stent so bad but have to accept it if the doc says no go. Glad you are getting some strength back it is almost 3 wks for me from last radiation and the drs say you get better the further from chemo and radiation you get. It was good to hear from you, Mike!!! take care,

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