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Does anyone know how long Chemo stays in your body?

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I have never heard anyone say how long it stays in your body.I thought maybe with all the liguids we drink afterwards that it stayed a few days.but I don,t know.Thanks for your replys.(Pat).

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The literature from my onc suggests two to three days. It is specific about bodily fluids containing the chemo drugs for that timeframe. I am not sure if that accurately answers the question though. It could be that it is still in our systems beyond that just not in bodily fluids in a percentage rate that requires warnings. I will look in the books and info I have to see if I can find an answer. I imagine someone will have a more concrete idea here soon.

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told me that remnants of the chemo (mine was oxaliplatin/Leucouvorin/5fu would stay in my system for up to 9 months....not sure about breast chemo treatments....

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I was told that it is cumulative, along with the side effects...but the actual drugs stay about 3-5 days......I guess it also depends on the drugs themselves...I had Taxotere and Cytoxin......But was told to drink TONS of water or any liquid other than alcohol.....
Don't know if this helps or not...
Hope you're feeling okay

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