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Roll Call and Privacy

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I have one problem wiht roll call - privacy. I wouldn't mind sharing things if we were in a group that was protected. Anyone can access this information and sometimes I think that is a little worrisome. I wish our information we share here was more protected. While I think our stages and grades show what we are coping with and may help those just browsing this site to understand more, it also leaves us more vulnerable to persons that may not have our best interest at heart. Does anyone else feel this way? Is there a way to insure privacy? I really can't see one on this open format.


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Good point.

I forget there's a big bad world out there.

While I don't like facebook, I guess if you had a page there and could choose your friends, that might work. Or you could just put up with all the superfluous stuff. Would just make the threads longer but what the heck.

Love and kisses,


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I think most of us let it all hang out. You can feel the honesty steaming from the pages. Maybe that's the best way for the world to really see us.


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They seem to have changed something at this website, because my posts here used to pop up when I Google'd my name. I'm sure that only happened because I use my real name as my login name here. Anyway, that doesn't happen anymore, so I think they tightened up security somehow here. If I Google 'Uterine Papillary Serous Carcinoma', though, my posts here usually come up on the 1st page. That doesn't bother me; I want women with UPSC to find us here.

I guess I am unafraid to use my real name because I have belonged to online horticulture and organic gardening clubs and an online book club off and on for over 10 years; and I post under my real name on a Philanthropy blog. And I've never had anything wierd happen. And my website has my name, address, email and phone number all posted for the world to see. Mybe I am naive.

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