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snotty Oncologists - thank goodness for this site!

Gloria C
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OK...I'm ranting & apologize in advance.....

but.... am I the only one whose Oncologists won't provide anything but vague replies & absolutely nothing positive? I understand I live in a "lawsuit happy" state....but...sheeesh!

The only answer I get when asking specific questions regarding side effects,etc. is "Everybody Is Different" (well, no sh&&, Sherlock!). Oh yeah, did I mention the condescention in their voice ('just deal with it & don't question me').

I'm half-way through my chemo and, like most of us, getting radiation afterwards. I've rec'd more information from this forum than from any one of my three Oncologists.

Considering the fact that we're fighting for our lives & the astronomiccal cost, you would think the least they could do is offer SOME better details & a slight ray of hope. You cannot tell me that they don't know what happens 'generally', given certain sets of circumstances.

OK, I'm done & embarrassed....Just frustrated, grumpy & in pain.

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I think I could have used more information too. No one told me I was just suppose to feel achy "like having the flu" with taxol. I had a reaction: swelled up, turned red in the face and felt like someone beat me up with a baseball bat. I just thought that was "these drugs." I finally almost fainted four days in and went in before I found out I was having a reaction to taxol. They gave me a vague list of symptoms. I think we should all suggest mor
e information. I was suppose to have a session with my chemo nurse before starting but she was ill and I missed it. That may have been my misfortune. It helps to know the ususal side effects and I agree with you on that point.

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This is a url I found when I put in side effect of carboplatin. I did not read it, just looked it over to see that it talked about lots of different things.


This next site, starts at the beginning and explains many aspects of chemo and reactions that you should report immediately. A doctor who does not give you this information is absolutely worth complaining about. I do think the hospital admistrotor can be your friend. They need to be informed if one of their doctors is not informing a patient of the risks involved in treatment, especially since these treatments can cause death in some cases.


I know I keep on saying this, but you can find out quite a bit if you put key words in the Google search box.

Hope this was helpful. And certainly hope it gets easier.


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I feel for ya, just got away from my Gyn/Onc/surgeon, for the last chemo.
he was rude, obnoxious, and down right mean. his answer to my question as to success stories, for my type and grade of cancer, "most die a few live" when talking about side effects, he said everyone is different , and no real response to very important questions I had.
Get away from your oncologist if you can, I though I could not due to Medicade, but found that I could (through my GP) after being thretened by my gyn/onc that he would not finish the phisical and I would not go to chemo that day if I did not quit asking him questions.
He is a good surgeon , knows his chem and treatments , just needs to NOT be around people as he is not good in that realm of doctoring.

run run fast from him and get someone you can talk to and trust, I went through 4 months of hell. now got a great gyn/onc, 2 1/2 hr away from me but worth it!!

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Unbelievable how rude some of them are when they know the stress you are under. I agree find another if you have a rude doc.. although it is tough.

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Hi, did you decide not to have the chemo and radiation????

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My gyn/onc is one of two of these specialists in my area... I find him very condesending. Especially to my husband! I am a nurse, so he frequently speaks medical jargon, which my husband doesn't understand all of it. The doctor acts as if he is put out to have to explain in terms that we all understand. He is supposed to be the "best around." Hello... there are only 2 of them around! Wouldn't take much to be the best.
One other thing that bothers me, most of the practitioners I have seen since this fiasco began have an attitude like I should just be grateful to be alive... thanks to them. Oh, believe me, I cannot express how grateful I am to be alive! But, I might still need you to treat the rest of me.
While I am on a roll... have you ever notice that if you ever ask the gyn/onc about a symptom you are having, he blames it on radiation. Has to have something to do with the radiation you had. So, then you ask the radiation/onc who... (ready for this?) blames it on the surgery and chemotherapy! I have decided that they just don't really know. Well, I could tell them what I think and aren't I the expert now? They really should listen to those of us that have gone through it!
Love, Hugs and prayers.
I hope you get to feeling better soon Gloria.

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Each specialist thinks symptoms are caused by therapy given or done by another specialist. Too bad they can't get together and treat the person. I was very tired all the time and had some other rather vague symptoms. Radiation said it was chemo. Chemo said it was surgery etc. etc. My primary MD found that it actually was due to a Vit B12 deficiency which may or may not be related to having cancer. I'm lucky to have a primary who doesn't just let things slide by.

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yes Deanna
my former "specialist" reminded me he was the best I could get, yes with in a 100 mile radius, well I went 175 mile to get the best :)
to my symptoms , he would say these classics "not my problem" " that is because of chemo, want to stop chemo?" " ask a doctor" the last one , Id say I AM ASKING A DOCTOR ! YOU!
thank God my new doctor asked me about problems I am having and gave me great answers!!!
Gloria get better soon !

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I think they are pointing the finger at others to protect themselves against a lawsuit. It's all CYA in my opinion. Wouldn't it be refreshing if people would be Man (or woman) enough to be honest!!!??

I think cancer treatment is a big crapshoot. I must sound pretty jaded. I don't think any of us can be too confident to be NED for very long (well at least with UPSC) - I am working on being optimistic but with a healthy dose of gratitude and reality thrown in the mix.


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Hi Gloria:

I am new to this site. I was thinking that I was the only one with a rude oncologist. My regular oncologist retired last year. I saw this new doctor four times in the last year. The first three appointments he came in for five minutes and the last appointment he didn't come in at all. Never asked me about my case, etc. He called me on Christmas Eve to tell me he got my CT report (I told him it was a report I requested). After my last appointment when he didn't come in, he ordered a Ct SCAN. He saw a tumor. (Radiologist Oncologist said it had been there for awhile) Made me come in for a discussion. It wasn't a discussion it was a telling. Had to have PET scan, Chemo, surgery (surgery which may cause me to have a colostomy bag for rest of my life), etc. and a biopsy.

No options given. He didn't even have my previous file or knew that I was highly allergic to Taxol. He said he would still give it to me. They could get around it. He finally seemed interested in me because he had something to treat. Because I cancelled the biopsy he wrote on my file seeking care elsewhere.

Luckily I was able to get my PET SCAN in two days. It was totally clear. I am now seeing another doctor but looks like I am ending back with the same group.

I was going to go to his office wearing a Bar Code across my chest because that it all we are to some doctors. lol.

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