October 19, 2009 I had surgery

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Hello everyone,
I was diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks before I turned 30. I was very scared, I just wanted to know how I could get better having two small children. On October 19,2009 They removed my whole left kidney. I have a 12 inch cut in the upper part of my stomach. I had a tumor that was 20 cm. I thank God that it was encapcitated in one spot. I am greatful. The doctor removed my kidney along with the tumor. After the surgery, he told me that was the biggest tumor he had ever seen. I was indeed the talk of the clinic, he took pictures afterwards to show his staff members. Nothing was involved in this but God. He gave the knowledge to my surgent to help heal me. I had surgery on Monday, Thursday the doctor came in and told my mom that it was cancer, but he was able to get it all. I was in a great deal of pain, I did not need a blood transfusion. They thought I would need one. I had a tube down my nose for two days, and I had two I.V's in me just in case they had to give me a different drug. I am feeling fine. I am still sore but not as sore as I was. I am now on Tylenol and it relieves my pain other than the percocet that was given to me. I stay in the hospital 4 days. The second day they took out my catheter and I was walking trying to get my strength back. Although I was walking very slow, it gave me strength. When they tell you to walk, or try to sit you up outside of your bed, do not get mad do it cause it really helps in the recovering process. After surgery for two days I had to eat ice chips, no food at all. The third day I was able to go back normal. I could eat normal meals. My right kidney kicked in perfectly after the catheter. I cannot tell the difference that I only have one kidney. Today is November 1, I am still sore but the pain is slowly going away. I am taking my time and healing. You can go through this, any one who is going through this you can. I came out of this surgery with the old fashion cut from one side of my stomach to the other side. 12 inch cut, God is Good and the rest is history.