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It is not all doom and gloom

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I feel the need to pass on that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I was diagnoised with stage IV tonsil cancer. I went through the 9 weeks of of chemo cycles, one week on Monday I received my chemo and then wore a pump until Friday. Then had two weeks to recover and did this three times. Then I had 7 weeks of daily radiation with a weaker chemo on Monday's. I had a PORT and a PEG tube which I recomend despite the talk about having difficulty with your swollowing muscles if you use the tube. If you keep practicing it is no issue. My last treatment was four months ago and although I find myself complaining about "fuzzy" feet, the damage done by the chemo that makes it feel like I have sand in my shoes all the time and the loss of saliva I really have been blessed by how well I am doing. I give the credit to doing a few things during this, first prayer I believe this was the biggest help. Folowed by my wife pushing me to do everything the doctors said, you need a coach to get you through this. Keep your body healthy, eat or get nutrition and fluids. Be determined that you will win this battle, don't get discourged. I look back and it was a nightmare at times but I am here to tell you all it can be beat. God bless you all through this fight.

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Glad to hear everything is going well, you are so right to put it all in Gods hands, we need prayers of friends and family everyday. God has a reason for everything, sometimes he allowed us to go through trials just like Job did. I pray that I will be as faithful and can say Job:13:15: Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him:

God Bless

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