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Play "Pirates of the Chemotherapy"

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I saw a local play (written by a local person here; a man actually). It is about women under going chemo for breast cancer. I laughed and laughed and even cried some. I recommend it if you ever get a chance to see it. He had an experience with a woman undergoing chemo for breat cancer; she always wore a scarf and big hoop earrings and she reminded him of a pirate. The play takes place in a breast cancer support group. I have had breast cancer but it also applies to uterine cancer and all that we go through.


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My Mom would love it since she's in remission from breast cancer.

My great aunt had breast cancer years ago well before implants. I remember a funny story that she would joke about. She was swimming at the Jersey shore and while she was swimming one of her falsies fell out. What she did was asked everyone to help find her boob. Imagine a bunch of people looking in the water for a missing boob. She had such a great sense of humor. I brought this up since we all need to laugh whenever possible.

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