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Not what I expected

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I am new to this and would like any advice you can give. I had Robotic Surgery at Vanderbuilt on 10/08 and I had my Cath removed on 10/21. The good news is all my biopsies
were good the not so good news is I have little Bladder control. I am going thru 4 to 6 pads during the day and 2 at night, I wake up almost every hour to run to the bathroom.
I am only 53 and my understanding was that this would not be as big of a problem for me.
This does not seem normal and I can't even think about any ED issues until this improves.
Thanks for listening TMS2020

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Hi there, I hear your frustration. We are all getting frustrated from time to time, but U see the catheter was removed only recently and things just need to settle down. Damage was done inside, nerves were damaged, it took me a little while after my catheter removal to get that flow stopped. I used 4 - 6 pads a day, especially when walking a lot. I used to say 'a pad a mile' but now .... 6 months later, one pad only part of the day, sex is back fully no pills required, I can pee like a 17 year old .... so things ARE getting better.

A little patience is all it takes. Good luck

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Incontinent now for 3 1/2 yrs. It's way too early for you to worry about permanent incontinence. Be patient, make sure you find a good urologist and he will take you through the steps of recovery. In my case, I am still doing that, however, nothing thus far has worked. But there are so many things that could help. And although I have been going through this nightmare for 3 1/2 years, everyone is different. You are unlike others, just as Paraplu and I are. We are individuals, with different gentics, body types, lifestyles, so take these responses postively with increased Hope that 3 to 6 months from now you'll be Padless and will be writing back to me saying----"Lion1 have you found the cure to your Incontinence?"

What I find interesting about many of these posts of men who just get out of surgery is their confidence and patience level. I didn't start asking these questions until 6 months later, because my doctor said it could take up to two years before these things are right. Yet so many on these websiteposts don't understand the healing that must take place down there. I mean you just had a Major body part removed, healing takes time----Patience, Patience, Patience---like me 3 1/2 yrs later.

God Bless------Lion1

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Great piece Lion1 ... although my recovery went well, I've seen your comment so thanks!, I occasionally am still surprised as in 'where the hec does that wet spot come from'. It will take time, just enjoy where you got so far .... beats having cancer.

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My wife enjoyed these responces more than me, this is what she has been telling me all along.
I have never been known for my patience so this was a welcome exchange and helped to put
it back in perspective. Thanks

The Nev
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Howdy I had my cath removed Oct 10 and I couldn't even use pads I would soak them in no time. It was like I still had a cath in without the bag. I had to go to the briefs and I was very concerned. Some guys posting on here were very helpful in many different ways. Anyway now I use a couple of pads a day if I'm real active a little more. At night I still sleep in the briefs but I went from soaking through 2 at night (yes 2) to just barley getting one a little wet. I still use them because I actually soaked all the way through and got my bed wet early on and I'm a bit nervous. I really don’t get anywhere near that wet now, so it’s getting much better. As stated we're all different some are dry from day one some years down the road are still struggling most are somewhere in-between hang in there

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TMS...Sorry to hear of your probem but it seems to be the case for numerous guys.
I had my surgery at Vanderbilt on Aug.12. Cath came out 12 days later and I have used only 1 pad. Yes only 1! It just goes to show how different each of us are. Hang in there and it should get better in time. I'm 55.

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My surgery was the day before yours (10/7) and my catheter was removed a week earlier than yours (10/14).

I soaked a pad between the doctor's office and the hotel then another during 2 1/2 mile walks that afternoon. The third pad lasted through dinner in a restaurant and until bedtime. I quickly went to one day time and one nighttime pad but also developed a significant UTI. The UTI is almost clear and I find more incontinence which I think is due to a decrease in clenching since I no longer constantly feel like I need to urinate. The change in sensation also means I do not necessarily recgonize when I need to go rather than it just being a bladder spasm which contributes to wetness. I still use one pad at night and 2-3 during the day. When I go now I finally feel like I am emptying my bladder.

The neck of my bladder had to be reconstructed so the surgeon said to expect incontinence issues for about 2 months.

As everyone says, our recoveries are individual and variable. Patience and following docotrs orders are the keys.

Good luck!


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