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Well, I'm back in the hospital! We came in this morning when my J-tube wouldn't stop draining, it was draining for several hours, took a whole role of paper towels until it calmed down, so we went to the ER, where they did tests and took x-rays. Well, there's more fluid around my left lung than when I left, so I have to take diuretics in hopes of ridding some of the fluid, as my ankles are full of fluid as well. If the diuretics dont work, they'll have to put in a chest tube for a few days. So, keep your fingers crossed!!!


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you as I was roaming around the colon board, thought I would venture over here and see what was going on and HERE YOU ARE! Sorry to hear you are in the hospital, hopefully they can get it all figured out soon for you! *hugs* and hang in there!

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what a bummer---you were just getting comfy in your own bed---darn it!
hang in there Cathy---we are are all praying for you specifically..

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I cannot tell you how sorry I was to read this post. My heart aches for you and your husband. We are just not keeping our fingers crossed......we are praying for you every morning and every night. Keep fighting! You can beat this!

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Betty in Vegas
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I will keep you in prayer. I would say Layne would but he is finally sleeping, so I'll have to wait to ask him to do that until tomorrow. Glad they found it though. It would be terrible to have something like that build up and do damage before they found it. Sometimes things like feeding tube problems are used by God to help us with something else.

Tell the nurses you need a massage and pedicure while you are in there. :) Doctor Betty's orders!

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Hey Kitten,

Sorry to hear your back in there!!!! Al and I are praying for you!! You just keep on
"Dancing" and this storm shall also pass.

Lots of ((HUGS))
Love and Prayers
Kath & AL

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Hi Cathy,
So sorry to hear you are back in and having some technical difficulties, hope they all get cleared up and you are back home very soon. Prayers for you!!!!! God bless you and take special care of our Kitten!!!

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Sorry to hear that you're back in the hospital. I hope the retaining water issue is resolved soon so that you can go back home where you're more comfy. Hang in there!

Thoughts & prayers,

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I hope they can get the fluid down so you can get back on the road to recovery, without so many bumps along the way!! Prayers are still with you. Hang in there, you're a tough girl. Keep us updated as you can!!

Hugs and prayers!!

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Hi Cathy,
So sorry to hear you're back in the hospital. Your strength and courage are inspiring to me. That's one good thing that's come out of this horrible disease. I've been reading about all these couragous people, many who have not lost faith, many who have this powerful will to live, many who are fighting this disease with everything they've got and it makes me stronger. It reminds me it can be done. I've heard some amazing stories of friendships that would have never been.
I thought of you at church last Sunday and prayed for you and everyone around you. Hope your back home soon.

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