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renal diet

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Waiting for surger to remove kidney . A nurse friend askled if I had been put on a renal diet but as a nurse she could't explain. Said my doctor had to. I can't wait for this information. Need to know now. Please advise.;

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I had my surgery October 19, 2009. I have a 12 inch cut across my stomach. I did not have the robotics surgery. But anyway, that is just a diet low in salt, and no I was not put on it before surgery, but after I was. When you have your surgery you will be strictly on liquids, but you will bounce back like nothing every happened. I was very sore paining tremendously when I had, but since two weeks ago, I am ready to get back to my normal life.

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Hi both of you.
I might add that besides a lower sodium diet, that to not eat heavy/fatty foods, too. The anethesia slows everything down...intestines and liver. It's no fun to be throwing up with the incision. Fat takes more bile to digest and stays in the system longer. Raw foods take more enzymes to break down in the stomach and small intestine. Good old rice, baked potatoes, cooked vegies, chicken, fish, and foods that go down easily seem to stay down.
I develop pancreatitis three weeks post surgery. Not because I was over eating the wrong foods, but because 1/2 my liver and gall bladder had been removed.

My first surgery was 2006, and altho it recurred, I'm doing really well now. Healthy! No evidence of bad stuff on the CT's since June 2008.

Me with one kidney, and my husband Dx with kidney disease from his high blood pressure last year has mad him change eating habits. It was a wake up call regarding salt. Now he can actually taste the flavor of the food instead of oversalting before he even eats.

Hang in there. Things can get better.

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