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STILL losing posts!!!!!!!

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Joined: Jul 2009

and not happy about it after losing a long one. aughhhhh

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I had that happen when I "preview" prior to posting, but straight posts
manage to go through.

Do yourself a favor and use a text editor! Even Window's basic
"notepad" will suffice!

MS Word is better, with it's spel chucker and uddr features

I use "EditPlus" (and have for years). It's more of a no-brainer
for people like me (lacking a brain) (I'm thankful it's not fool proof).

You can type away, save it if you have an interruption, and finish
when you have time..... and paste it all into the forum's form, when
you want to.

100% better!!

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Joined: Oct 2009

I just posted and it posted what I wrote in three messages all displayed one after the other.

This discussion board is really buggy.

So it either doesn't post, or posts twice extra. Go Figure.


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fighting for mom
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I updated my post- hit post and gone! Nowhere to be found. I had to start over again. I am with you- it is sooo frustrating! I thought they had this fixed.


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