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CT results

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Hi all, Just wanted to give you an update, I went thursday for my scan and everything was good. They checked my liver,splein,lungs,prostate,kidneys and pelvic and I got the thumbs up, I am so excited I know its only my first scan but I feel like I can breath now. So the bad news is when they did the scan they found a blood clot next to my heart so I ended up back in the hospital thursday night. They kept me overnight and did some test this morning and let me leave this afternoon. I am on blood thinners for the next 5 days and they are hopeing that my body will desolve it. Man if it is'nt one thing its another go figure. They also said that they were going to take my off the avastin because they think that is what caused the blood clot, I don't like that because I really think that drug is helping fight the cancer, so I wont know until Monday what were going to do now. Anyway I am still very happy about my results

P.S. Thank you for all your prayers I do beleave god is listening to them.

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Hi Pat,I am very happy about your scan results too.I am just hoping the clot can go away very soon.I hope the blood thinner can do its job.Good luck with it.You are in my prayers.Take care.

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That's some awesome news! all organs clear! I think I'd be worried if they took me off Avastin as well, they may be taking me off Ironetecan on December, and leave me on Avastin and 5fu, but who knows. As long as it's still shrinking the tumors, I'm happy!

I hope the blood thinners work! that's scary having a blood clot right next to your heart, wow, I'd be nervous, you'll be in my prayers and I hope it does dissolve soon!


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You did it.. I'm so happy for you.

Thumbs up in California

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Hi, Pat.

Those results are just wonderful! I'm sorry about the clot, and I'll be praying that dissolves.

Let us know what the doctor decides about your medication.


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I know how you feel Pat. I had a pulmonary embolis(lung clot)and they took me off of the Avastin also. I had finished my 12 treatments of it but was supposed to do 6 months of Avastin alone and then I got the clot. I too wanted the extra assurance of the Avastin but-- The good news is that I am still NED and it has been 1 1/2 years since chemo ended.

So glad YOUR scans were clear

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That's fantastic news about your scans! I'm praying for you that the blood clot goes away - hopefully between prayers and the blood thinner, all will be well in a few days. Please update us.


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Hi Pat,

GREAT news on your CT scan- congratulations!


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They are injecting my mothers eyes with Avastin in hopes that it will cause the starvation of blood to the clot and keep the blood pressure off of the eye so it doesn't cause more damage. They seem to think that it feeds the clot that has formed and if they prevent blood flow to the clot that it will eventually lessen and that the blood pressure in the eye will decrease causing vision improvement... The same with the removal of your Avastin. Probably to starve the clot and lessen the chance of it becoming larger or moving until it dissolves...The scans sound great ..congratulations on the great news ...Im sure you are estatic..Good for you, Clift

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I'm so glad that your scan came out clear. Scary thing about the blood clot though. Hope it dissolves on its own.


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Without the scan, you would not have known about the clot. I'm glad they are taking your picture and that you are NED! Go dance naked and celebrate. We will all say a prayer for good results with the blood thinners and that the Avastin has already taken care of business.
Jo Ann

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Yay for you (ct results). I'm sure your clot will resolve itself and I'll be continuing to pray for you.


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Yay for you (ct results). I'm sure your clot will resolve itself and I'll be continuing to pray for you.


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