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It's Amazing, IF You Approach Life Positively

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It is truly amazing how much we can live with our lot in life if we can only learn to continue to take everything in stride and with a positive nature and approach.

My wife and I were talking over breakfast this morning and she was telling me about a scene in one of her favorite TV shows last night.

Apparently the wife was trying to talk her husband into delaying his departure for work and asked him in her best sultry voice, "Wouldn't you rather stay home and play ---Python in the Forrest".

I chuckled and told my wife that the best we could hope for was "A snake in the grass, and it would have to be a pygmy rattler". I would just stand at the end of the bed, shake it's little tail and make clicking noises.

We have been laughing all day. Every time she passes by, she wiggles the tip of her little finger and hisses at me.

Just needed to share with you guys the joys of a truly great relationship.


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Amen to that. Having a supportive wife is huge.

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"I came across a situation I did not like.

'I do not like this situation,' I said.

'Tough s--t,' said the situation."

Ya gotta make the best of what you have and keep the best attitude you can about it.

You and your wife seem to have very good attitudes.


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Hi Sonny,
Does your Wife have a sister? I own a home in Florida and have all my teeth.

hopeful and opt...
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There's an expression look for the donut....not the hole.......none of us are perfect, but we try to do the best with what we have, and after a while that's what our life is about.

There's a joke about two Arab sheiks who are driving in the desert with their mercedes and rollsroyce. Well anyway they each come to a sand dune and crash into each other..........they each get out of their damaged cars......one says to the other with a big smile, "Abdul, I haven't seen you in a while...how are you".

(By the way, I'm interest in her sister as well.......Idon't have many teeth but I'm breathing)


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