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Adrenal Cancer

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Has anyone who has adrenal cancer lived on Camp Lejeune prior to 1980? My son in law died of undeteced adreanal cortical carcinoma at age 29 in 2002. In my research of the disease I found that there were several toxic chemicals in the water at camp lejeune where he was concieved and lived as a child. This water contamination was not made public and I wonder if it affected any one else with adrenal cancer. I beleive that the water was the cause of jason's cancer. There is also a cluster of male breast cancer in those who lived on that base. For more information see www.tftptf.com and www.watersurvivors.com Thank You

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I lived on base from 1976-1979 while my father was stationed there. I was in elementary school. At age 33 I was diagnosed with adrenal cancer, very rare and even more so in a young person.

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