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Diagnosed with MM where do I begin

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Hi everyone. Thanks for sharing such profound,insipring personal stories. what a bless!
A week ago my mom was discovered with multiple myeloma! needless to say the world just crumbled down on us. Anyways after the initial shock and denial i started searching for any source of info. i can get my hand on and that's how I came across this website. she's currently in India so i don't have much info. on her condition yet. I never heard of the disease before so its been an absolute bless and relief to came across the site. I know each case is different but i just wanted to inquire on the treatment plan as far as medications and diet or anything related to MM I'm in a desperate need. God bless all the survivors for the courage to share your stories.

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May I begin by welcoming you to the site. It is a wonderful site to understand the experiences of others in dealing with MM. It is also a great site to begin your understanding of it from a medical point of view.

If you will take a look at the conversation thread next in line following yours, titled, MM Cancer, you will see 2 recent posts by my wife, LOW.

In her posts she provides some very valuable information about resources to understanding MM that she herself has relied heavily on since her diagnosis November 2005.

She just starting posting here at my encouragement. I found this site only recently since my own diagnosis of Prostate Cancer in June of this year. She is constantly looking for ways to give back to the MM community that has been so helpful to her. If she can provide you with any additional info, you have only to post to her (LOW) and she will be more than happy to reply.

Her journey through MM has been long and complex, because of it she is a veritable walking encyclopedia of MM from the patients point of view.

Good luck in you search and bless you and your family,


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Thanks for the response. LOW's post was indeed valuable to say the least I just ordered the book and should be getting soon. One thing I’m absolutely in agreement with however, is handing it over to GOD. While science and technology do the “natural” treatment God does the “super” and the result is supernatural healing one that is beyond human knowledge. God bless you and your wife. Will keep in touch.

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