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Major good news

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Went in for my catheter removal and pathology report:
- Cancer was contained to prostate (margins good) and only 10% in size.
- Removal of catheter was brief (about 1 second), slightly painful, but a hugely welcome relief.
- I have been dry so far today (12 hours after removal). I have felt the urge to go 3 or 4 times and easily made it to the bathroom without leak. When I did go, it was a firehose! (amazing how things open up with no prostate).
- No blood in urine at all.

I could not have had a better day. I'm grateful for catching this early, my surgeon's good work, daVinci, and your prayers and support!

Life is good.

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What a great and welcome post. It is really good to hear about things that go good.

I am sure that you and your family must be rejoicing in the great news.

Praying for you that things continue on this path and only get better as every day passes.


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Sounds like you are doing great! Continue your recovery and don't overdo it!


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Looks good for you so far Jim. Keep rolling its all downhill now.


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Happy to hear that Jim.

Now gets lotsa rest before we work your A$$ off here at work when you come back ;)


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Thanks guys. I really do feel like the luckiest man in the world. I know some have, and continue to struggle, and I really feel for you. So far, everything has turned out excellent for me so I hope that will encourage some of you that are considering or planning on surgery.

As is often said here, everyone is different, but prayers & support of friends and family, and kegals (before surgery) are the key in my opinion.

Bless you all.

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