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A TOAST to all of you

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I'm going to the Oceanside pier today with my wife and her family. OMG it will be nice to get out of the house and NOT go to a doctor appointment!! When I'm having my fish and chips I'm going to have a cold beer. I'm going to say a few words and send a toast to all of you. You guys are all wonderful people and I'm so lucky to have friends like you..


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Here's to you too! We'll raise a glass to ol' Brooks tonight.

Hope you have a relaxing day at the pier.


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whoops. I didn't think it was going to post and I posted it twice.

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Know exactly what you mean.For first time since this started back in May, took car ride with GF to walk for awhile by water by Gerritssen Beach here in Brooklyn,where I used to enjoy myself. Felt sad, strange and good at the same time. As you know, as do all others now, this Mon I restart four months of post-op chemo (5FU,leucovorin and Oxy with a pump that I'm not familiar with-still have port in chest)Anyway,as I no longer drink, have one on me. Know you've appreciated the visit and assistance your company provided.....Tske care,,,Steve

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Enjoy your day with your wife and the family! And if you see a doctor or medical professional anywhere near you, RUN the other way!!!!

Fish & chips at the peir sounds like heaven. I miss the ocean so much - I go to my house right off the ocean in Mexico when I need to heal physically or emotionally. Right now I can't do that, and it is one of the hardest issues for me. Minnesota fall has been full of cold, snow and gloom - it has been a downer. Raining steady again today.

Let that ocean breeze, sights and sounds heal you and relax you. You deserve it!

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Enjoy the day. I happen to love the beach. And fish and chips. My kind of day!

I will toast you and everyone tonite.

blessings to you!

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You have a damn goof time out there with your wife, and I will toast you with my apple juice, even though I want a beer now!! maybe I'll have one later, it's trick or treat night here, and will be going to get scared at the theater, so you have a blast, and laugh alot! I will be thinking of you both, I love seafood!


Fight for my love
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Hi Brooks,it sounds so good!Enjoy your outdoor activity with your family!

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Paula G.
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Sounds so good! Enjoy your day and thanks for the toast. Paula

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Joined: Jun 2009

I just got home .. I had a wonderful time. Walking on the pier reminded me of when I was a kid. Same pier but remember walking and holding hands with my dad. Good times!! The fish and chips where great and that cold BUD was even better. I looked at the waves and said a toast to all of you. It was like you all were with me!!!

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That's always a good feeling - but I hated fish when I was doing the chemo, funny cause I love it! To echo Kathryn, Minnesota has been gloomy, cold, snowy and wet since at least the beginning of the month! I'll be back out east for Thanksgiving with my family, maybe a trip to Coney Island would do me some good, it's not too far of a ride from Philly...

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Joined: Oct 2009

Bit of advice:not much amusement left in Coney Island if you haven;t been here in years;still its nice to feel and smell the ocean.I've lived within walking distance of the beach for 45 years but I'll never enjoy itlike I used to, never be able to take my shirt off,never again have muscles that were poppin'.But then again, like you, I'm still alive. Come on down, enjoy the beach, have a frank or three at Nathans, maybe Cyclone or WonderWheel might still be open (most of Coney shut down anyway and land still in dispute between City and developers (Sitt Corp). Actually, Coney is better in winter with fewer people around, just dress warm....but i guess coming from Mn you already do. Best of health(can't stand fish)....Steve

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...that you had a wonderful day!

A toast (and prayers) to being well for all!

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Enjoy the fresh air and the cold beer.. Petrina

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I hope you enjoyed your time out. I love walking on the pier when we were in FL. We missed it this year, but I think of it every time at this year as that is when we went. Hope you savored every minute, you deserve it.


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