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Back from my Post-Op Appt.

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Hello Ladies,

Just returned from my Post-Op Appt. My incisions are healing well, except for that one above
my navel. That one is so sore, but apparently that one is the deepest one.

I can return to work when I want (originally she signed off on a month), but I am able to work from home and I am losing my mind. I am a workaholic and 60-70 work weeks are my norm...well were I guess :(

Thanks to you all, I went with some questions I may have not have thought of to ask.
I confirmed the type of Endometrial CA I had....and do have the Adenocarnioma variety. I asked for the number of Lymph nodes removed and she told me only the one in the cervix.

We talked about the Lymphedema and she agreed she understood the risks and ramifications. In my case she explained it was critical it be removed because she knew it was cancerous and she was fearing due to its locale it might add Cervical CA on top of the Endometrial for me. Luckily that was proven false and it was Endometrial.

She told me the pelvic washings were all clean as well.

I have my first Oncology & Radiology consult on 11/17. She told me the meds will likely be the standard for treating Ovarian CA; carbol/taxol? Sorry if I just butchered that :).
She is saying Chemo first/Radiation second and that the Chemo would be 1x a week for 3 weeks.
Does this sound similar to anyone out here?

So anyone who can offer me pearls of wisdom before then, it is all welcome.

Thanks Ladies, that is the update on me :)


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Seriously, we all dream of having adenocarcinoma. The prognosis for that type -grade- of cancer is very, very optomistic. Take a deep breath, your odds of doing great just went way, way up.

Your doctor sounds like someone you have faith in and this is a wonderful thing.

Great, great news.

As always, love hope, health, success and joy, and understanding,


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Thanks for the kind words Claudia :)

My Doctor is Colleen Feltmate over at Brigham & Women's/Dana Farber in Boston. She is very
kind but straight forward which is the best combination for me :) She is a whiz on that Robot I hear :)

One more question....since she confirmed I would be losing my hair, how to folks approach
that...do you get buzzed before the Chemo, or let it happen on its own. I do not think
I am the sporting my bald head type (especially in my office) although I applaud those who do make that choice. Should I be shopping now for my new Hairstyle??

Thanks, Laurie

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I did what Jill suggested - got a wig - FREE WIG - gorgeous and expensive - from the cancer society - so check them out. I did this before the magic 2 weeks when the hair starts falling. I was surprised that hair follicles could hurt - that's the way it felt that day in the shower when it started falling out. I tried to "baby" the hair I retained and made very poor attempts at wearing scarves.

Finally on Thanksgiving Day 2008, I decided to buzz it all off. I wore a wig for awhile but hated the feel of it. And I decided to sport my bald head in public one day and to my surprise a long lost co-worker recognized me in the grocery store - that was truly weird. I went au natural from then on - nearly everywhere except for a couple of venues that a bald head would be too much of distraction or when I needed the warmth of the wig.

Hang in there, I got many positive compliments about my nicely shaped head!!! And I still keep it very short - it's so easy to take care of. No more combs for me - just my fingers and some gel.

You will get through this - Peace and joy to you. Mary Ann

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