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In need of support

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My partner was just diagnosed for the 3rd time with Liposarcoma, she is tough as nails but I wonder how much more she can go through. Her 1st was in her thigh, 2nd in her tailbone and this time in her pelvic bone. Chemo starts again in 2 weeks. She had been off chemo for 2 months after a year and a half of intensive treatments. This all began in 1998. She went 9 years w/out recurrence and then in 2007 it recurred in her tailbone. She took 32 rounds of radiation to no avail and then began her chemo treatments which consisted of 4 straight days each month of 6 hours per day of treatment. This lasted as I said, 1 and a half years. Now here we are again. I know she is tired mentally, physically & emotionally and I, well, I am mad, scared and basically numb. She needs a support mechanism as do I. I'd like to hear from anyone who has been or is currently going through this as well.

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