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clear scans!!!!!

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Joined: Oct 2009

Hi all,
I just got a call from my surgeon's nurse at 9pm.

My bloodwork was good, and both CT and MRI's were clear,

She said, "we will do surgery and then go from there!!!!!"

thank you all who kept me in your thoughts and prayers.


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That's fantastic, Amy! Stay positive and strong for your upcoming surgery! I'm sure all will go smoothly! You're in my prayers,

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Thats the best news you could hope for considering....Great...Now I hope ya feel a little better about things....Great Job Girl, Clift

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It sounds like you are on the right path! Marie

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That's great! So glad to hear it.


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I'm so glad to hear your scans were all clear! During the surgery they will test your lymph nodes to find out if any of them test positive. If any do, then you'll probably start chemo 6-8 wks after you recover from your surgery. If no lymph nodes show up positive (that's what I'll pray for), it's still possible to do adjuvant chemo (post surgical chemo to "mop up" any cancer cells that may have broken loose during surgery).

You take care and congrats again on your good scan news :)


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That is awesome. Just remember after surger to keep the toes and feet moving, every 30 minutes, deap breathing also alot. We don't want and complications!

Best wishes

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on receiving the ALL CLEAR. Let us know when surgery is scheduled, so we can send good vibes, mojo, prayers, etc., to your surgeon.

amyboston's picture
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Joined: Oct 2009

Thank you all for the support!!!!

My surgery is Nov 13th at 8:30am EDT. Good Vibes, mojo, and prayers greatly encouraged. :)


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Good news on the scans and b/w!! Now on to Nov 13th.

All the best... Rob; in Vancouver

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So glad to here your scans were good. I knew you could do this, it's getting thru that shock phase. You are doing great and you sound grounded in your posts. You now have beginning plan from surgeon, so things are in motion MOVING FORWARD! That's a great thing, I wish be there with you and your roommates and meat time. I bet its smells heavenly with all the home made meals and great friendship to share. Many prayers your way.
Goofyladie (Cass)

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So glad to hear that your scans are clear. Let us know when you are going to go in for surgery. You will do just fine.


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Great News i'm very happy for you
Just happy to be here

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Hey Amy! That's great news!! I'm really happy for you! I tried to respond to your post about the frustration of waiting for results yesterday but I wasn't able to post (I think it had more to do with the old wind-up computer in my studio than with any problems on the board).

I'll be sending lots of good thoughts your way between now and the 13th and especially on the 13th. Keep us posted!

PS - anywhere that I can see some of your work? PM me if you want to keep it less public (spammers etc).

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I'm so happy for you!!! Good job for doing what it takes to get this far. I'm sending you all the "Good Vibes, mojo, and prayers" I can your way.

You friend in California


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Doing the naked happy dance (in spirit) for you right now! Good luck with your surgery. Please keep us updated.

Fight for my love
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This is very good.Good luck to you with the coming up surgery.You are in my prayers.

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Great news!!

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Fantastic news!!!!

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