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My dad was diagnosed with EC in Feb of 09....he had the radical chemo and radiation....after numerous stints at 3 rehabs, 5 hospital stays, and 3 different j-tubes in the dejenum??...the last PET scan showed no other cancer and the original tumor has shrunk and no signs of "life" in the tumor.
PROBLEM: my father has not eaten by mouth for 8 months and is scared to death to take anything in. he is scared to death of throwing up....speech therapists have tried to talk to him but to no avail. the surgeon will not do the surgery until my father is stronger. he is 77 years old and went from 230lbs to 171lbs. so he definitely needs more nutrition other than the feeding tube he's on. has anyone else with esophageal cancer or family member had this same problem and if so, is there any suggestions anyone has to help us.
we've tried every food imaginable and he simply won't put anything in his mouth for fear of gagging and/or eventually throwing up. right now he is his own worst enemy and the whole family is very frustrated....

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I share your frustration. My husband is 59 and had his tumor removed May 2009. He also hasn't eaten by mouth since then and we have been through much the same route you describe. We are going for a barium meal test on 11-11-09 to see if food is going through.

I wish I could offer something that would help. I have experienced the same frustration with my husband who admits it is him who is keeping himself from eating. Worst, he's now not taking the liquid nutrition regularly.

Everyone keeps telling me it is his choice and i just have to accept it. I'm not dealing well with that.

Wish I had more to offer...

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I am sorry to hear about your husband, mine is eating and he had the full esophojectomy, and started eating about 3 weeks after surgery we started on soft foods, yes he got choked some but he continue on, we still eat alot of soft not much meat, but we are doing good eating wise, I have to agree its alot of your husband not wanting to swallow, its a mental block, but hang in there hopefully he will want to closer to the holidays, he is still scared so is mine on some things.

If I can help let me know

Lori aka MOE

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