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Stage 4 appendix ca tired of chemo looking for alternatives

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Has anyone had any success with alternative medicine/nutrition/juicing/ etc?

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there are several on here that have and hopefully they will respond. one of them is scouty--if you have not read her story yet please look up her page and also have you read the posts on exciting alternatives that was recently posted by a couple of us about the doctor in tennessee who is using a combination of 2 drugs that are not chemo but is curing some stage IV cancers including his own? it is not a quack thing so check it out. Good luck to you?

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Yes! There are many of us on here who are either treating our cancers with diet/alternatives, or have cured ourselves with them.

My history is diagnosis of colorectal cancer stage IIIc in August of 2007. Did the traditional chemoradiation/surgery/chemo/surgery, and still became a stage IV with spread to the lungs, and possible recurrence. I developed a chronic anastamotic stricture in the high rectum due to scarring from the radiation, and severe osteoporosis. I was in constant pain both from the stricture, dysfunctional bowels, and bone fractures. I lost my insurance, and decided i could no longer depend on the medical industry to cure me. In early September i began taking probiotics that almost immediately fixed my bowel issues and pain, and decided there was something to this.

I switched my diet to entirely raw organic on September 8th, and i've never felt better in my life. I have a huge juice of carrots, apples, celery, blueberries and banana every day with my probiotic/superfood powder, MSM powder, and a plethora of other things. You may not have to get this fancy. The Gerson diet has been proven to cure cancer 90% of the time, so you may want to check out what they do. www.gerson.org Many people (including a woman who had a rare cancer that had a 100% mortality rate) swear by this method. The main things they do are constant juicing, and coffee enemas.

Good luck on your quest! I'm convinced alternative is the way to go!


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Just curious - if naturopathic treatment is so effective, why don't more people use it? Is it because they're afraid to try new things?

I find myself very fascinated with the role natural foods plays in cancer.

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My thought as to why more people don't do the naturapathic treatments is because their doctors "poo-poo" amything that's not taught in traditional medical school. There are some oncologists out there who are more open to other ideas and even some supplements, but definitely not most. Also, most of these alternative supplements/treatments don't have official results from a valid clinical trial. The problem there is that they seem to not be able to get government funding to conduct a clinical study like the regular docs can get. So money is big factor here.


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I think you hear more success stories about natural treatments but you don't hear about the people who try them and they are not successful. There are plenty of chemo success stories just as there are plenty of failures too. I think there are SO MANY factors involved that there will never be a "magic bullet" to cure us. While I think it's very good idea to eat better and that diet, environment, lifestyle all are factors in getting cancer the same would be true with helping get rid of it. Throw in expert knowledge, medical or otherwise, along with some good luck and you may have a recipe for success. Throw in inexperience, medical or otherwise, along with some bad luck and you may not have the same result.

I would be shocked if there were not cases of people who did everything "right" diet-wise and still got cancer. Then you have the folks who are walking timebombs with their diet and lifestyle and they don't get cancer. Go figure...

As Lisa stated, the almighty $$$ plays a big role in this too.
"If they (big pharm) can't make a buck, we're out of luck"
Just look at marijuana and it's medicinal uses for example

tiny one
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The medical community offers chemo and radiation. Which is worse the cancer or the life long side effects? How about the scans they do, do they actually give false readings. I have read when we have past traumas or long term stress, it compromises our health. Alot of people want a quick fix, or pills. I think it takes exercise, along with a healthy diet, but it needs to start early in life.

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It's sort of a "how do you want to check out?"

There's a lot to be said for maintaining health

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Hi Krista,
I agree with you 100% on the probiotics. I started having constipation problems immediately after my last tumor resection in which I had 2 small intestional resections done. My system was getting slower and slower as the months passed and I was waiting for the inevitable bowel obstruction. On a whim I decided to try probiotic capsules... My problems resolved immediately and have never returned!

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Hi Juliebeth,

I just wrote this info to someone recently, but am thinking it was a different person- the situation seemed so close, so let me know if I already shared this with you.
If not, I would urge you to read all the info from the following website: www.neoplas.org
It is the website of the Neoplas Innovation clinic in Brentwood, Tennesee (south end of Nashville). Dr. Stephen Castrell runs the clinic. He himself was diagnosed with prostate years ago, went through the traditional treatments until it spead so much and was no longer responding to the traditional treatments- he got to the point where he was told he had about 6 weeks to live. Then he started experimenting on himself by giving himself a combination of lovastatin (not sure if that's the correct spelling) and interferon. Within 4 weeks he started experiencing shrinkage of many tumors and he ultimately cured himself. It's now been 9 yrs for him w/ no sign of a cancer recurrence. His clinic takes patients who are no longer responding to the traditional treatments and are just not seeing a reduction in their tumors.
I've been researching it myself the past couple of days & plan on calling tomorrow to see if a few more of my questions can be answered, find out how the process works (I live in California, so it would obviously mean flying there) & how much it costs. Their site said they do not have the resources to work with insurance companies, but they're happy to provide forms for insurance co. reimbursement. I'll let you know if I find out any valuable information.

Take care- there is hope! If not what I mentioned above, there are other clinical trials available.


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And I found this thing that seems to have been effective against pancreatic cancer. It's called oleander. As a warning, it hasn't been proven or anything, but there have been success stories so it's worth looking into.

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Would this be the same oleander as in the oleander bush? I'd be a little leery of it, if that's the case. People in history have died from ingesting oleander leaves- I've heard of cases of dogs chewing on oleander bush leaves and also of a family a few years back that were stranded somewhere and they made their own soup concoction- you guessed it- with oleander leaves. They were all found dead and a pot of the oleander tea brew was found, as well as it was found in their systems, upon autopsy.

But... I do know that probably several of the chemos and other meds we take are derived from poisonous chemicals too and that it's all in how it's prepared. Do you have any more info on this? I'm curious to know more.
I just want to be sure people don't go out and get oleander leaves after hearing this!


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Definitely DO NOT go out and try this without much research. There's something called oleander soup - if you google it you'll find some information on it. There have been a lot of success stories apparently in people with pancreatic/advanced cancer, but the FDA/health organizations apparently don't approve it, so please don't be blindly convinced by all the supporters. For all I know, it could be something very dangerous. I personally don't know enough to make a judgment - heck, I don't even have a cancer diagnosis! - but I just wanted to put some knowledge out there as a possibility.

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Hi Juliebeth! I too have Stage IV appendix cancer. As you probably already know IV chemo is not usually as successful with our sort of cancer as it is with regular colon cancer. I found out I had my 2nd recurrence 7 months ago, have been through 4 surgeries in the last 3 years that I have been battling this disease. I am not doing chemo, taking various supplements that I have found to have some scientific testing behind although with alternative treatments you are usually not going to find triple blinded studies to support them. My oncologist is happy that I am doing so well. I would be happy to tell you what I am taking if you want to private message me... I assume this site has that capability although I haven't been able to figure out how to do it...

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You can send a personal e-mail on this site.

give it a try.

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Just go to the home page and go to inbox for e-mails. Send me an e-mail

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A tried and tested, several thousand year old science continues
being used, and yet it's so overlooked:
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cancer

And as one scrolls down through the Googled lists, it becomes
more apparent than normal, that "mainstream medicine" manages
to either find fault with any alternative, or insist it is used with the more
"conventional" Chemotherapy or radiation.

Apart from TCM (that is an entirely different concept from western medicine),
the downplaying of any merits by the "mainstream", of other chemical substances,
or the practice of Immunotherapy, continues.

Hydrazine Sulfate, a chemical that "starves" cancer cells of it's need
for glucose, without keeping glucose from normal cells......
Struck down by the "mainstream", after improper testing caused it to fail.

Trovax, Oxford's Immunotherapy solution, tried and tested on specific
cancers with fantastic results, and presently being "tested" in manners
that -will- cause it to fail.... Again by the "mainstream".

There are other paths to take, aside from what the "mainstream" chooses
to have you follow.

You just need the courage to depart from their paths, to find a better way.

I hope we all will remain alive long enough to see the BS end, and
the true cures to emerge.

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I have accupuncture every week. I always feel so much better after I have it. What other chinese medicine are you refering to. I am going to start Qi Gong. I started this 2 years ago but I stopped. I understand that you have to do it 15 min. a day to get any benefit.

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I personally don't handle acupuncture well. I'm just a wussie,
and an old wussie, at that.

With TCM, the ways to apply it are generally described like thus:

Fast acting, usually immediate response, and usually fast to "dissolve".
It works faster than herbs, but does not last as long (per treatment),
although continued treatments can affect a more permanent resolve.

Herbal broths
Herbal broths give the deepest response, lasts longer, and is
quick to act. Permanent resolves are the result.

Herbal pills
Pills are Chinese Patent compounds. They are essentially herbs
that are powdered (raw or after decocting), and compacted into
teeny "BB" sized balls. The pills are usually used as a "maintenance"
item, and occasionally as a main prescription. They are slow to act,
and do not appear to be as long lasting.

Herbal powders
Are made from raw herbs and/or decocted and dried herbal
broths (that have been reduced to a powder). The powder can be
added to food or drink, or put into gelatin capsules for ingestion.

I use herbal broths (made from raw herbs). The herbs are placed into
a pot, covered with 9 cups of water, and reduced to 3 cups (about
1-2 hours slow roll) in the covered pot. The three cups left are
strained, and ingested three times for the day (It can also be reduced
to two cups for twice daily).

With TCM, herbs (or acupuncture) are not continued indefinitely;
once the resolve is attained, no further treatments are necessary.

I took herbal broths to cure my A-Fib. It took almost a year to resolve,
but that was well over three years ago, and I haven't needed to take anything
for A-Fib since; it's gone!

A major traumatic event can cause a recurrence, as can any drastic change
in health patterns. My wife's RA was put into total remission lasting until
the head-on high speed-collision she suffered in (as a passenger). She's
consequently now undergoing herbal treatments again.

A decent diet is important, and I certainly don't stick to anything even
resembling "decent". In fact, my wife calls it indecent; an indecent diet.
(I guess 'cause it's so..... uhh.... never mind)

The TCM philosophy, is that the body can heal itself, when it's
operating properly (in balance), and the herbs (acupuncture. etc) are
used to attain that balance. Once the body is operating the way it
should, no further TCM intervention is needed. A decent diet and
a balanced lifestyle, should keep everything hokey-dokey.

In western medicine, drugs etc, are used only to eradicate a symptom.
Since the cause of the symptom is not cured, the need to continue
medication is never-ending.

And of course, since every single pharmaceutical is toxic to our system,
they all take a toll on the liver and kidneys, and consequently the rest of
our body.

Take note of those disclaimers regarding the contraindication: "liver damage",
"liver problems" etc. on all commercials. Since the drug weighs heavily on those
cleansing organs, it weakens those organs, and can lead to damage of those organs.

So anyway.... Did I 'splain what you wanted? Or did I type another novel
filled with el'junko?

I hope I did sumptin' good?

Stay well.

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One reason a lot of people don't use alternative treatments as an adjunct to mainstream medicine or in place of is that many people do have healthcare insurance. With the exception of acupuncture sometimes, healthcare insurance doesn't usually pay for alternative therapy/supplements so the cost is all out of pocket! I think more people would be interested in trying things if they were covered by insurance but just can't afford to pay on their own.

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knowwhen -

"With the exception of acupuncture sometimes, healthcare insurance
doesn't usually pay for alternative therapy"

Absolutely right! I have Medicare 1st and BC/BS as 2nd, and
acupuncture is partially paid (as is the office visit), but herbs etc,
are not covered. Even an office visit to the TCM doc for anything
but acupuncture, isn't covered.

The herbs can be expensive, but to tell you the truth.... we were
spending almost as much for co-pays and deductibles (and for
all the "other" meds that weren't covered with western medicine),
over the course of years that we had to use them, than what we paid
for herbs for the short time it was needed to take the herbs.

It's "pay now, or pay later", regardless.

My wife spent years battling RA, and took Methotrexate and
Vioxx for quite a number of years, before the Vioxx caused a
cerebral aneurysm that finally ruptured. She stopped taking
any RA meds after that (they didn't work anyway), and went to
the Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor we remain with.

He put her RA into total remission within a year, and she went
for a long time without any problems at all, never needing to take
a thing for RA. (the story was in an above post)

The cost difference between the two are astronomical. Western
Medicine for years and years with no end in sight vs the TCM
route for less than a year, and seeing the finale'.

The cost of it all does play a role, especially with the times lately,
but I would prefer to use credit to get healthy, than have to lay in
bed watching HDTV while I attempt a recovery.

Pay now; pay later.... we all have to choose, one way or the other.

(it hurts my rear end too, honest)

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Where can I learn more about the broths and pills? So I can try it out.

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I saw that you posted on the rare cancers site and its not very often that you find anyone on here with this. My husbands cancer also started in his appendix and spread through-out his abdomen. Diagnosed stage lV in Nov. 07.

I do not know of alternative treatments. He has had 3 surgeries and has been on chemo for most of the time. Oncologist says he will be on chemo for the duration of his life although right now he is on a break (3 months ) and will be starting back at the end of Nov.

I was just curious where you are being treated and what kind of chemotherapy you have done thusfar?


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juliebeth -

You would have to do a search for a Traditional Chinese Medicine
practitioner in your area. There is more to it than simply ingesting
a bunch of herbs; I wish it were that simple (as we all do).

The whole body has to be evaluated; diagnosed, and a prescription
written for the herbs to be used. "One pill for all", isn't the course of
action in TCM, as it is in western medicine. We're all different, and
what one person may be deficient in, another can be totally different.

There might be other options also, so you should do a thorough
search at this board.for posts regarding alternative medicine.

If the "alternative medicine" is going to cost a lot of money,
it just might be "all about the money". "Cures" that are promoted
but only disclosed if you "buy the book", are usually useless.

(my opinions)

Search in good health! You will find the answer.

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