GBM4 and memory questions

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Currently providing care for my mother-in-law who has a GBM stage 4 (inoperable) which is affecting her short term memory. She has about a 15 second span of time when she can recall, otherwise the last several years are pretty much gone. After 8 months of chemo she seems to have had a slight upswing in her memory. Has anyone experienced a sudden increase in cognitive ability with a patient with extreme memory loss after prolonged chemo? If so, can we expect any of her memories to return, including those that would have occurred over the last 8 months?

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    please talk to her doctor,
    please talk to her doctor, the neurologist. they will give you the best answers, that is what they are there for. i will tell you that my experience with brain cancer does cause some memory lost that is better some days and not so good others. physical and speech therapy may be of help check with you neuro.