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My husband was put on avastin 2 months ago. This followed 6 weeks of chemo and radiation which did not render good results. We saw the oncologist this morning who said he was very surprised at the results of the most recent MRI. It showed the tumor had decreased by approximately 50%. This does not necessarily change the final outcome but puts us in a much better position that we were in 2 months ago. I hope this gives anyone with brain cancer a little hope.

sue Siwek
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glad to hear the good news.

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That's great news. My husband is on Temodar 5 days on 23 days off. He had a recurrence in July but the new growth is apparently growing very slowly so the oncologist and surgeon are happy for him to keep on Temodar for now. We have heard many good things about Avastin.

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my dearest friend was on avastin. no chemo, just avastin. it controlled the tumor for quite some time with far fewer side effects than chemo. my understanding is that it doesn't work for everyone, but if it works for your husband there is additional hope.

I'm very happy for you as any good news is welcome. Also there are programs through Genentech that may help with payment under certain circumstances.

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