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CT scan

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My husband had his CT scan yesturday. We were very happy to see a significant improvement in the lymph nodes and esophagus. Our excitement was quickly diminished when the doctor took a look at his CEA tumor marker which had risen twice in the last 6 weeks. He was stumped and couldn't explain why. His scan revealed fluid around his gall bladder and something going on, on the outside edge of his lungs, could have been a little pnemonia. We had H1N1 in our home last week, both kids came down with it, luckily my husband was just in the ER for a fever the week prior and was given TamiFlu. I think that helped him from getting it (God worked that one out for us). There was also a spot found on his lung, too small to check he said. I pray it has not spread. We have a PET scan scheduled for next Monday.

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I'm sorry to hear about the fluid and small spot. Keep praying and keep your faith. I know it's hard. I'll be praying and thinking of you.


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I have currently going through a reoccurrence of esophageal cancer, and it showed up in the fluid in my abdominal cavity and around my lungs. The cancer isn't currently in any of my organs, but is causing my colon to not work properly. However, although there's always that possibility, there's always a possibility that everything is just fine. Keep you spirits up!! I wish you the best and will be thinking of you!


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I don't put alot of stock in tumor markers, My husbands was never elevated. Hopefully the Pet Scan will show exactly what going on in the abdominal cavity without them haveing to
biopsy it.

Hopefully fluid is just fluid and nothing else.

I know it's hard not to think about, so stay strong!!!

Keep the Faith,
God Bless

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