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Alternative treatment for Chordoma

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Hello Everyone,

My husband has recently been diagnosed with Chordoma (sacrum area). Has anyone treated this type of cancer through alternative treatment such as Dr. Burzynski or others.

Thank you for your help.

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I am cancer survive chordoma I find out I had about 5 months ago I got this doctor in nyc and he is the best and got nominated the top 5 doctor from north America in spine tumors and still one off 5 doctors cant still operate this type cancer chordoma, it really safe my life today after 4 weeks after my operation I am cancer free patient chordoma and I will be clad to help you with my experience and doctors name ,address and I went to see most off this doctors include 2 doctor from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center saying his the best on the field but is not. If you want I will be clad to help you and your husband include a alternative treatment for this type of cancer with out the surgery depends off the age.best regards john

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Dear jjhnyc,

I was diagnosed with chordoma in the sacrum.
Surgery is probably most viable option.
I am happy to hear you underwent a successful surgery and you're cured.
I'd appreciate a lot if you could share with me the name of the neurosurgeon who was so successful in treating you.

Many thanks and best of wishes,


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I don't have the names of any specific neurosurgeons, but I can offer one other idea, as you go about the journey of determining your best treatment for your chordoma. If radiation is on the table, consider proton therapy as well... it can often have fewer harmful side effects than traditional radiation. Worth checking out!

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Hope all is well.  My daughter who is 26 was diagnosed with Chordoma in the sacrum.  Do you have any advice on which way to go for her. 




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Hello john what is the name of the doctothat hat did you surgery and what hospital does he work out of? If you can email me back at matlexis@hotmail.com





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Stay away from Burzynski, it's a scam.

The most effective treatment is agreed to be to remove as much of the chordoma tumor as possible and follow up with radiation. The most effective radiation seems to be proton beam.


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