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"Undetermined origin"

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Sept 28th my husband was diagnosed with cancer. It has been a confusing ride so far. We, well he started chemo last week. We go again this week and a break next week. Right now they are treating him for Lung/pancreas cancer. He falls into a 2% category of undetermined origin. Of that 2% we were told that 60% of that group is almost always lung or pancreas cancer. So i am praying that we are treating the right thing, so we can get this controlled. Stop the spreading of this. I would love to talk to anyone but especially those who have experianced this type of diagnoses.
He started out having chest pain and now has lots of random pain everywhere. Somedays I think he is doing so much better then I. He is such an inspiration through this whole ordeal. Anyway anyone have any advice, prayers, support, laughs, or whatever you can think of. I would like to hear from you.

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I am not sure that you got the information right, ma'am, when you listened to the doctors. Or maybe I am misreading what you have written.

I would be surprised to learn that only 2% of discovered cancers are of undetermined origin, as I read in these boards every day of people who have cancer but are not sure of the primary. I would be even more surprised to find that of that 2%, if such is the case, the majority of them end up being lung or pancreatic cancers.

I am presuming a bit here, as I am not a medical professional or a cancer expert.

In any event, your husband and his family are in my thoughts. Please consider this site a place to come with your concerns and even your rants and rages, along with any positive news you get. We are here for you.

As you gather more information, perhaps there will be members who can answer your more specific questions.

Take care,


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