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pancreatic cancer

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Your post seems that you want to know about pancreatic cancer I guess, I just want to know to tell you that please, tell us whatever your concern is as, we will surely help you here.


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My dad was just diagnosed w/ stage 4 pancreatic cancer this weekend. It has spread already spread to the liver so they cant remove it. He started chemo yesterday and is also taking Tarceva. Have there ever been cases where surgery is still in option during stage 4? What else can we do at this point besides simply chemo?

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My mother was diagnosed with Stage III Pancreatic Cancer last Christmas. She has undergone a round of chemo and then radiation coupled with chemo. Just last week she has started her second round of Chemo. At first we were told she was a surgical candidate, but now we are told that it is "Quality over quantity" as they put it. In other words, there is no hope for surgical intervention. All I can say is that maybe the power of prayer and hope could help your father. If you ever need to talk, I am here.

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I just lost my mother last week to pancreatic cancer. Hers was stage 2 and she had the whipple, endured rounds of chemo and radiation and even tried a clinical trial at the very end. The stats for this cancer are just dreadful regardless of stage and whether a person can have surgery. My mom was "lucky" because she lived almost 2 years. I am so thankful that she had the BEST attitude through the whole thing, but the end was still awful and it's going to take us a long time to get through this.

Is he taking gemcitabine chemo? That is typically the best chemo for this type of cancer and Tarceva, while much more helpful for lung cancer, may be helpful. Radiation is often given with the 5FU chemo, so you can ask about that. Then there's an option of oxalyplatin chemo, but the side effects on many of these can be just brutal.

If there is a phase 1 clinical trial that looks like an option, you may want to consider that. I wish you the very best. I hate cancer.

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Hi Fritowynn,

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