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Please help me

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My 43 yr old husband was diagnosed with stomach and liver cancer this month. The doctor said there was not much hope and at best he had 10 months to live. What do you do from here? Please help me.

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First of all please, dont get panic and keep some pasions as, please tell your husband to keep his will power strong and have faith, secondly, consult some good doctors or oncologists which will take you to some other options.

Also, you can go to some cancer community where they will guide you for proper medication which is needed now and go according to it.

Please, dont worry everything will be allright.


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JL Hi I hope that what your about to do is going to give you and your husband some hope. My name is net4god, and I to was diagnosed with stage four cancer with mets to the ovaries. Please, Please, Please, go to the discussion board and click on stomach cancer then click on the post "stomache cancer with mets to ovariers" (net4god)and read the post. Never ever give up hope and remember that God is in control not the doctors or the cancer. My obgyn oncologist went in to do a hysterectomy got in took the left ovary out found more cancer, and closed me up and told my family that there was nothing else he could do. We fired him! Not one for negative doctors! Praise the Lord that my oncologist surgeon, and my oncologist had a more positive attitude and were willing to try what they could to help. My oncologist put me on a cocktail of f5u, cisplatin, and taxatere. On October 29, 2009 they called me and told me they could find no cancer anywhere. You can read about this in post I posted on the discussion board. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE, LOOK NORTH!

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