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Second Time around

Barry Keith
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First time, 11/3/08; with through surgery; RT x30 and pretty much went back to somewhat routine. Did my montly ENT visits, all was going good until visit on 10/15 which found recurrence. Schedule to go back through, beginnig with surgery on 11/2/09; this time Tx is supposed to be more aggressive to include both RT and chemo.

Any pointers you can give me I would appreciate; Diet, exercise, nutrician, all the DOs and DON'Ts.....this time around I'm going to be a lot more proactive each and every day until I get those "all clears"........thanks in advance....Barry

SCC 10/8; Recurrence 10/9 two spots--one back of palate found by byopsy on 10/15 the second in my right jaw muscle, believe to be from nerve invasion not previously killed by original RT.

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I was diagnosed with stage III SCC to my right tonsil in January of 2009, with a tumor on the side of my throat as well. I had nine weeks of Cisplaten, Taxotere, and 5FU, followed with seven weeks of Carboplaten and 35 radiation exposures.

As of June 18th all signs and scans show no cancer, ya... The cancer appears gone and the tumor shrank away during the second cycle on the initial nine weeks of chemo.

The tonsil biopsy showed it was HPV derived which is actually fairly common now. It's actually becoming more prevalent that tobacco related throat cancers, that's scary.

The Chemo for me wasn't actually that bad, nothing as invasive as the radiation treatments. During chemo I was on three week ycles, getting everything on Monday, then recovery for two weeks....

I'd lose taste for about a week and then start getting it back by the 2nd week. One thing to make sure of is to stay hydrated. I was very sick the sencond round because I didn't drink enough. You only make that mistake once...

I have a port that the chemo was injected through..saves on the arm.

I didn't have a PEG, depending on your weight and general health you may or may not have one. I lost about 40# and most or that was a rsult of the radiation. At one point only drinking water and Ensure after taking a pain solution....

Good Luck and keep us informed.

God Bless,

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