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cancer treatmetnt controversy: alternative medicine vs. chemo

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Ladies, are your following the controversy sparked by Suzanne Somers? She has been on Larry King and other shows recently plugging alternative treatments to cancer and disparaging chemo and the medical community in the US.

I think we should look at alternative treatments and integrate these with standard treatments. Let's take the best of both worlds instead of polarizing and being unwilling to look at other ways of doing things. I think it can be dangerous to take the blind eye- deaf ear approach to treatment. Personally, I have taken advantage of both approaches and will continue to do so. There is so much we don't know yet.

Each of us has our own journey and our own decisions to make. Keep asking questions and take advantage of all that is out there for you including integrative approaches.

My best wishes and prayers to all, Mary Ann

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This got lost in the flurry of our recent spamming incident. But I'm curious what others think so I'm resurrecting it.

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I have not read it yet, but I will let you know what I think of it. I too believe that chemo and radiation are the preferred treatment, especially with my III-C UPSC. I did not see Suzanne Somers, but my duaghter saw her on one of the early shows. In peace and caring.

I tried to respond to your previous post on Sunday, but it did not come through.

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I did not see Suzanne S on TV nor have I read her books.I did see an article in Newsweek I believe, that was discounting her claims. I feel there is a place for chemo and radiation in the treatment of cancer. It depends on what type of cancer, grade and stage. I do believe that there should be more effort to incorporate alternative treatments as well, such as acupuncture, Yoga, meditation, touch therapy,diet, herbs, etc. I personally have put a lot more emphasis on eating healthy and avoiding pesticide ridden food, conventionally grown meat, and milk with hormones. I think there are more cancer centers that are combining their standard treatments with alternative therapies as well. The difficulty is that there are very few reputable studies done on alternative therapies!

In the mean time....we all do what we can and share what we are doing!


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That's nice how you have put it. My wife and I have been dealing with stage 3 uterine cancer for two years using only regular treatment (chemotherapy, pills) and it was hard and depressing time... Personally, I don't believe that a person can fully recover physically while he/she is in the state of depression and despair. It only worsens the case. So we've started to look how to find a source of confidence and positive energy in our struggle, and have discovered an abundance of complementary treatment methods that help in many different ways (like improving health after chemo, slowing tumor growth and other). Currently my fife is on a melon + pumpkin + cabbage + turmeric diet that our dietologist have suggested improving our chances with cancer. And the situation is much more positive then it was before we turned to the alternative methods!

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