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Just Diagnosed

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I was just diagnosed with Uterine Cancer a little over a week ago. I had my ct scan last week and Have an appointment with the oncologist on Nov 4. I don't know much of anything other than I have Uterine Cancer. BTW I am 56 years old and have not started menopause because of this. I have bad lower back pain, pain in my pelvic area and on the right side. Am I am wimp to ask for pain meds? I have also been very fatigued.
Yes I have Cancer. Me. I read in one of the submissions how we are alone in this. I have a wonderful family. But I am divorced and all my children are grown up. So, I live alone I am doing pretty good on the outside and have been trying to stay busy, but some times it is sooo lonely.
I know that maybe once I have a hysterectomy I could be fine. But, I have put off the heavy bleeding and pain for a long long time. I was forced to seek help when I started hemoraging. It was really scarey. I knew something was wrong. And that is what scares me .. how long has cancer been growing inside me.
I am afraid of what I will hear on Nov4.

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Doreen, this is a scary road for sure.

I'm one of your cancer sisters. You and I can't change the past and worry will not help anything. We can just forge ahead and become informed about our condition and treatment options and then make the best choices.

Please make a decision to be WELL and plow through what is ahead of you and not get stuck in the fear so that it overtakes your life. Grab every wonderful moment of joy and revel in it!!

Peace and prayers to you. Mary Ann

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Hi, I was just diagnosed in July and had my surgery in Aug. I was very fortunate to have robotics so ask your doctor if this is available. Instead of 5 days at the hospital I was home the next day.

When I was told that my PAP came back abnormal I was shocked. I'm 48 and thought that my problems were peri-menopause. During my doctor visits I was very fortunate to have several people come with me. This was good for moral support and for asking questions that you may not think to ask. My faith is what pulls me through. As a Christian, I believe in prayer, prayer, prayer. Also, relaxing in a hot tub at the end of the day.
This is a time that you need to take care of yourself.

I was diagnosed at Stage 1C, Grade 2 and did not have chemo or pelvic radiation..Next week I am going for brachytherapy (4 treatments total). I'm a little nervous but this site has answered so many questions and the support of these women has been awesome. You have come to the right place.

God Bless,


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Glad to meet you...sorry it had to be on this board!

Sending you positive thoughts and well wishes on your treatment.

I was diagnosed on September 18th. I am 49 and was shocked as all of us were.

I had Total Hysterectomy via DaVinci Robotic Laprascopic surgery on October 13th and
have my Post Op Appt tomorrow. I will be reporting back...I have my first Chemo and
Radiation Consult on November 17th.....grrr not looking forward to that...

Hang in and stay with us...we get through it one day at a time!


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I'm glad you found this message board! What a wealth of information these women are!

It's so hard and scary when you are at the start. As you gain information and a plan that will start to change. I felt like I was regaining some control when I knew how I was going to fight.

Stay in touch as you go through your process!


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I took pain medication after the biopsy as I waited for surgery; for some reason the biopsy triggered alot of pain. I have learned to take drugs during treatment to help you get through it. I took pain med before and after surgery. I also had a reaction to taxol and had to take alot of pain meds the week after chemo. I also have neuropathy but finally have a great regimen of drugs that are giving me my life back. I never took much ever in the way of medication but I had to learn that you have to not be hard on yourself and do what you have to do to cope. You are also alone and may need some help after surgery.

Hang in there. Waiting for appts and tests are the scariest times. Once you are in treatment you feel better because you are moving forward. We are all here to support, your invisible friends in the computer!


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I know how you feel and most of the sister's here do to. The fear of the unknown, I just had to come to the realization that no matter what I can't go back so I have to keep gong forward. If I knew then what I know now, how true is that statement? I too did the same thing, just kept putting it off and finally had to listen to the body. Take the pain meds it helped a lot and one day it won't be needed. If you get lonely just come here and talk to us, we aren't going anywhere. lol

Sending hugs to you from Oregon,

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